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Plate Tectonics

  • The Importance of Plate Tectonics

    Growing up in the Midwest, I thoroughly enjoyed the impressive thunderstorms that took place during the summer months. I used to watch with rapt attention as lightning streaked across the sky and … more

  • Another Reason to Thank God for Earthquakes

    Earthquakes can be scary, even relatively small ones. Many years ago, when Kathy and I were living in a town house, we experienced a magnitude 6.1 earthquake where we were situated right above the … more

  • How to Prepare Earth for Animals

    Most larger construction projects usually include one critical step when multiple things have to come together at the right time and in the right way. When building an addition onto the back of my … more

  • Did Life Grease the Wheels on Plate Tectonics?

    Imagine an Earth without plate tectonics. We might envision fewer natural disasters—no tsunamis in India, no earthquakes in Japan, no volcanic eruptions in Iceland. Sounds nice, but it would be … more

  • Are Earthquakes God's Fault?

    It was a typical post-church brunch at the local IHOP. The din of countless conversations and forks clanking against plates filled the restaurant. Then, without warning, the floor beneath us began to … more

  • TNRTB Classic: Strengthening Plate Tectonics

    For nearly 4 billion years, plate tectonics has played a critical role in helping Earth maintain its liquid water. Consequently, any search for a genuinely habitable exoplanet should investigate what … more

  • Plate Tectonics on Mars?

    You might have seen- Yahoo! News, Mars Surface Made of Shifting Plates Like Earth, Study Suggests, August 15, 2012; … more

  • Geology, Stewardship, and Faith

    Topics covered: environmental stewardship, a geology overview, the importance of plate tectonics, Noah's flood, and the complexity of the geological record more

  • Purposeful Plate Tectonics

    As we continue to watch and pray and grieve over the developments in Japan, we may anticipate hearing people ask why God permits such catastrophes as earthquakes and tsunamis. Yet without plate … more

  • Subduction Design

    Stanford University geophysicist Norman Sleep has outlined some new constraints on habitable planets.1 He explains how the possible existence of advanced life crucially depends upon a planet … more

  • More Evidence for the Design of Earthquake Activity

    In the December 2007 issue of Astrobiology Stanford University geophysicists Norman H. Sleep and Mark D. Zoback note that the higher tectonic activity during Earth’s early history could have … more

  • Is Life Possible on a Moon?

    A team of American astronomers recently announced the discovery of the first known planet outside our solar system to spend its entire orbit within the “habitable zone.”1When astronomers … more

  • Designed to Shake

    My family lives in one of the fastest-rising neighborhoods in the nation—not economically, but topographically. Our home rises by an average of 9 millimeters (1/3 inch) per year. Sometimes the … more

  • Metal Matters

    Uranium and thorium play a vital role in the plate tectonics and volcanism of planets. Consequently, the amount of these two metallic elements influences the ability of any planet to support advanced … more

  • Earth's Carefully Crafted Crust

    Researchers have discovered still more indicators of divine design in Earth’s fine-tuned geophysical processes. These indicators belong to an intricate, life-essential cycle (called the … more

  • Making Mountains Move

    Geophysicists have known for years that the energy moving Earth’s crust pieces toward and away from one another (plate tectonics) comes from the flow of heat from the core up toward the surface. … more