Reasons to Believe

Origin of the Universe

  • Where Is the Cosmic Density Fine-Tuning?

    This word picture helps to demonstrate a number used to quantify that fine-tuning, namely 1 part in 1060. Compared to the total mass of the observable universe, 1 part in 1060 works out to about a … more

  • Beginning and End of Cosmology

    Study of the brightest galaxies in the universe persuaded astronomers that 99 percent of the matter in the universe was dark. And measurements of the brightest stars convinced astronomers that three … more

  • A New Kind of Star Solves an Old Problem

    The same is true for astronomers. Only rarely do they discover a new kind of star that is unlike any they have seen before. When they do make such a discovery, however, it typically reveals new … more

  • Creation: From, Through, and By the Triune God

    He asked: “Which specific person in the Godhead created the world?” I have been asked thousands of questions over the last 20 years of teaching and lecturing in both churches and colleges, … more

  • Extending the Reach of Cosmic Creation Measures

    Continual cosmic expansion under fixed physical laws from an actual beginning of matter, energy, space, and time is the heart and soul of the biblical cosmic creation model. Moreover, the physical … more

  • Why We Need to Return to the Moon

    The Apollo missions were more than just television spectaculars, however. The Apollo program helped us solve the mystery of the moon’s origin and helped establish how amazingly designed the moon … more

  • Multifaceted Design of the Strong Nuclear Force

    There is a just-right separation distance between them to foster the best possible chemistry. Put them either too close or too far apart and their capacity to interact with one another will sharply … more

  • Beryllium as a Cosmic Chronometer

    TNRT Archive - Retained for reference information

    Measurements of an element in early stars taken by a team of international astronomers further buttress a key point of RTB’s cosmic creation … more

  • Cosmological Parameter Measurements Agree

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    The latest results from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) buttress RTB’s cosmic creation model. Using a large sample of red galaxies … more

  • Fine-tuning of Early Solar System

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

     Continuing analysis of solar system material provides additional evidence of the fine-tuning required to produce a system capable of … more

  • Confirmation of WMAP Cosmology Results

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    A team of international scientists’ reanalysis of the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) data has confirmed its cosmological results, … more

  • New SDSS Results Improve Model

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for refrence information

    The most precise measurements to date of cosmological parameters continue to validate RTB’s cosmic creation model by affirming a finely tuned … more

  • New Galaxy Measurement Supports Creation Model

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    A new technique for determining cosmological parameters provides additional evidence in support of RTB’s cosmic creation model. For decades, … more

  • Smallness of Extra Dimensions Confirmed

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for refrence information

    Recent gravitational tests further buttress the claim that a supernatural Creator designed the universe to support life. Theoretical work to unify … more

  • New Technique to Probe Gravity

    TNRTB Archive - Retain for reference information

    A team of international scientists has provided more evidence validating RTB’s cosmic creation model. Physicists used a movable lead ring to … more

  • Probe of Early Stars

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for refrence information

    Astronomers’ more-detailed measurements of early starlight provide additional tools to test—and evidence for—RTB’s cosmic … more