Reasons to Believe

Origin of the Universe

  • Entropy of the Universe

    Entropy measures the amount of decay or disorganization in a system as the system moves continually from order to chaos. By that definition I have one of the most entropic offices at Reasons to … more

  • Did the Universe Hyperinflate?

    For most people, inflation refers to how much money they need to purchase basic goods and to the interest rates on their loans when their government decides to pay its bills by printing more money. … more

  • Confirming Cosmic Expansion, Part 4 (of 4)

    For over two thousand years the Bible stood alone as the only text to claim that the cosmos have been continually expanding under fixed physical laws from the beginning of space, time, matter, and … more

  • Confirming Cosmic Expansion, Part 3 (of 4)

    Although written thousands of years ago, the Bible’s scientific information was so far ahead of its time that advances in astronomy and cosmology didn’t catch up to it until the big bang … more

  • Confirming Cosmic Expansion, Part 2 (of 4)

    Continual cosmic expansion under fixed physical laws from an actual beginning of matter, energy, space, and time is the key to the biblical cosmic creation model. Efforts to further confirm continual … more

  • Confirming Cosmic Expansion, Part 1 (of 4)

    Important decisions in life—who to marry, which job to take, what house to buy—are best made in the context of multiple independent confirmations. When every possible confirming source … more

  • Locating the Ordinary Dark Matter

    For centuries, science students were taught that darkness was not some kind of stuff but rather simply the absence of light. Thanks to recent astronomical discoveries, we now know that the oldest book … more

  • Creation of the First Stars

    Scientific evidence for the biblically predicted big bang creation model1 is both overwhelming and compelling. In fact, astronomers have been able to identify a very specific big bang creation model … more

  • Latest Research Beats Out the Mixmaster Model

    During my graduate school days, when evidence for a big bang universe was growing exponentially, “mixmaster” models for the universe gained popularity as a potential escape, a loophole for … more

  • More Rigorous Test of General Relativity

    Prior to twentieth century developments in physics, scientists and philosophers had come to believe that the universe had been static for infinite time. Then the theory of general relativity affirmed … more

  • Polarization of Cosmic Microwave Background

    Today the scientific evidence for the biblically predicted big bang creation model1 is both overwhelming and compelling. In fact, so much evidence has accumulated that astronomers have been able to … more

  • The Least Luminous Known Galaxy

    Astronomers' observations of the universe1 provide substantial support for the cosmic creation event taught in the Bible.2 Evidence shows that the universe is comprised predominantly of dark energy … more

  • Cepheid Variable Stars

    Yet six different Bible authors wrote extensively and explicitly about this continual expansion, “the stretching out of the heavens” under fixed physical laws.1 For over two thousand years … more