Reasons to Believe

Origin of the Universe

  • Cosmological Consequences of Massive Photons

    We all learned in our junior high science classes that photons are massless. This statement has resulted in a lot of confusion for laypeople. In our junior high science classes we were also taught … more

  • Like It or Not, Dark Energy Is Real

    Dark energy refers to the self-stretching property of the space-time fabric of the universe. Space, because of dark energy and independent of matter and of any heat or light, stretches itself. … more

  • Dragging Space and Time and the Existence of God

    Proving the reliability of general relativity to precisely describe the dynamics (movements) of massive bodies in the universe is fundamental to establishing the space-time theorems.1 These theorems … more

  • Testing Quantum Gravity Models

    Two weeks ago, I wrote about how recent observations of distant quasars and blazers at short wavelengths eliminated many of the quantum gravity models certain atheists appeal to in their attempts to … more

  • Science Journals and Creation Ex Nihilo

    What is the most popular verse in the Bible? Most would say John 3:16, but I think a good case exists for Genesis 1:1—“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Aside … more

  • Overcoming Objections to the Big Bang Creation Model

    For me personally, the big bang creation model was a major factor in my becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. From the time I was 7 I was an ardent student of astronomy. During my childhood years, I … more

  • The Most Persuasive Scientific Reason to Believe?

    What scientific argument for the truth of Christianity do you find the most persuasive? (I would love to hear your answer on either Facebook or Twitter.)

    As I contemplated this question, my answer … more

  • Dark Energy and Gravity Withstand Tests

    In the life sciences, researchers are discouraged from challenging certain reigning paradigms, such as the evolutionary explanation for the origin of humans. The opposite is the case in the … more

  • Does a Universe from Nothing Mean There Is No God?

    When addressing whether God is needed to create the universe, Dr. Mir Faizal made this comment in the British news site Express, “If by God you mean a supernatural super man who breaks his own … more

  • Strengthening the Case for Firstborn Stars

    In a previous article, I described how a key feature of the biblically predicted big bang creation model is its deduction that the firstborn stars will initially be comprised of just three elements: … more

  • Finding the Firstborn Stars

    The big bang creation model—which the Bible uniquely described thousands of years before any astronomer did—predicts a hierarchy in star formation. Since the big bang creation event … more

  • Cosmic Inflation: It Really Happened

    In March 2014, a South Pole research team reported that BICEP2 had detected gravitational waves and definitively proved that the universe experienced hyper-expansion (an inflation event) when it was … more

  • Have Quantum Physicists Disproved the Big Bang?

    Since February 10, the media have been abuzz with the story that two quantum physicists have “corrected” Einstein’s theory of general relativity to demonstrate that the big bang … more