Reasons to Believe


  • Does Hawking Believe in Multiple Universes?

    Multiverse is in the news again. No, we're not talking about a type of poetry or a Bible memory verse program. A multiverse is a set of many universes. The multiple universe idea stems from some … more

  • Why the Universe Is the Way It Is

    From a naturalistic perspective, the pain, death, decay, and evil that humans and all life experience serve no real purpose. They simply are the consequence of a random set of cosmic coincidences that … more

  • Theism vs. the Many-Worlds Hypothesis

    Phl 356, Theism, Spring '98, LECTURE #18 Last updated March 20, 1998 Used with Permission


    Many-Worlds is at least as Extravagant as Theism

    Tie-Breakers: cosmological and other theistic … more

  • Cosmic Brane Scans

    As physicians use scanning devices to view the hidden structures and activities of the brain, astronomers can now use distant supernovae and high-resolution cosmic background radiation maps to scan … more

  • An Infinity of Universes?

     Excerpted from The Creator and the Cosmos, 3d ed. (Colorado Springs: NavPress, 2001), 171-72.

    The weight of evidence for a divinely designed universe is now so overwhelming that it has forced … more

  • An Infinity of Universes

    Dozens of cosmic characteristics must be exquisitely fine-tuned to make physical life possible. The degree of fine-tuning observed exceeds by many orders of magnitude the fine-tuning of which humans … more

  • Facing Up to Big Bang Challenges

    What danger lurks in associating big bang cosmology with biblical cosmology? Most Christian physicists, astronomers, and other scientists would say, “None.” Many Christian philosophers, … more