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  • Multiverse Musings - Is it God or the Multiverse?

    Reasons To Believe has cataloged a large number of fine-tuned aspects of the universe, all of which make it fit for life. A recent article in New Scientist highlights one particular parameter, namely … more

  • Multiverse Musings - The LHC and Extra Dimensions

    A team of particle physicists hope to soon being operation of the most powerful man-made particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Although much press has focused on scientists who claim … more

  • Multiverse Musings - Does the Multiverse Destroy Science?

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    I am trying a test with today’s TNRTB. We received an email question recently.

    If multiverse theory were true (in its broadest sense), how would that affect the ability of the scientific … more

  • Multiverse Musings - What If It’s Correct?

    Science fiction and fantasy has always fascinated me. From epic good v. evil battles in Star Wars and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to the simulated reality of The Matrix, I am intrigued by … more

  • Earth Just Barely Large Enough

    As I discussed two weeks ago, Venus and Earth are remarkably similar in terms of their size and composition. Both probably started out with large oceans of water. While Earth continues to maintain a … more

  • Multiverse Musings - The Beginning

    The cosmological and teleological arguments represent the two strongest evidences (with scientific relevance) in support of the Christian God. Obviously, the multiverse models impact these two … more

  • Multiverse Musings - Are We Simulations?

    In past Multiverse Musings TNRTBs, I have described not just one, but two bizarre implications of the multiverse. This TNRTB addresses a third.

    Due to its box-office acclaim, most people are familiar … more

  • Testing The Copernican Principle

    In the sixteenth century, Nicolas Copernicus revived an idea originating with early Greek philosophers that the Sun, instead of the Earth, resided at the center of the solar system. Subsequent … more

  • Do Infinite Universes Explain the Fine-Tuning?

    The truth of the previous statement relies on (at least) two conditions. First, the monkey must actually use all the keys in a random fashion. Second, but more important, the keyboard must contain all … more

  • Multiverse Musings - Boltzmann Brains

    It is widely accepted that cosmologists, astronomers, physicists, chemists and geologists have detected fine-tuning and design in the universe. Most skeptical responses to this apparent design seek to … more

  • Multiverse Musings - I'm a Nobel Laureate

    A few months ago, I discussed how a spatially infinite, Level I multiverse would impact apologetic arguments based on the fine-tunings of our observable universe. Although a number of philosophical … more

  • Multiverse Musings - Are Infinities Physical?

    Last month’s multiverse discussion focused on one of its less controversial aspects—the idea that the universe extends beyond the limits of our observations. The uniformity we see in our … more

  • Multiverse Musings - Probability Arguments

    Last month I defined some terminology and provided a categorization of the different kinds of multiverses discussed by scientists. The least controversial multiverse, Level I, simply states that the … more

  • Multiverse Musings - Introduction

    Since joining RTB in August 2005, I have devoted a fair bit of time trying to understand the latest ideas on the multiverse and how it impacts our apologetic arguments. I find it fascinating and … more