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Molecular Evolution

  • Evolution of Scorpion Venom?

    Due to technical problems while recording, this podcast never aired as an actual Science News Flash episode.

    Article link: more

  • Turtle Origins Challenge Evolution

    You might have seen Yahoo! News Scientists lift lid on turtle evolution; May 15, 2012; more

  • DNA Sequences: More Is Not Better

    Evolutionary biologists have begrudgingly come to the same conclusion recently when it comes to building evolutionary trees using DNA sequences. More sequences are not better.1 This vexing problem for … more

  • Don’t Judge Too Quickly

    Some of my favorite commercials are part of the “Don’t Judge Too Quickly” series.

    The moral of these commercials: things aren’t necessarily what they seem.

    The same could … more

  • Evidence Favoring RTB’s Speciation Model

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    A team of European and American conservation biologists has developed the most powerful and comprehensive field evidence to date for a major tenet … more

  • Plant Defenses

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    German molecular ecologists confirm the declarations in Job and Psalms that God creates life with optimal designs in the ecological relationships … more

  • Propenal and Propanal

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    The search for an extraterrestrial chemical origin for life has hit another roadblock. American astronomers discovered two additional complex, … more

  • Mutations Exceed Expectations

    by Dr. Hugh Ross assisted by Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez

    Ironically, modern "advances" could serve to hasten humanity's demise.

    For the first time, geneticists have measured the proportion of harmful … more

  • Wheat Tells a Story of Beginnings

    DNA “fingerprinting” helps with investigations beyond the criminal courtroom. In one recent case, this research technique was applied to the study of agriculture’s origin, and the … more