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  • Water on Mars Too Salty for Life

    The intense salty taste followed by spewed water in the sink is a telltale sign that the system isn’t properly washing the column with the liquid from the brine tank.

    Salty water is not good to … more

  • Unnecessary Apologetic Baggage

    I officially debuted on RTB’s weekly webcast, Creation Update, on August 30th, 2005. I discussed the possibility of liquid water on Mars. In particular, radioisotope measurements on a set of … more

  • Digging on Mars with Phoenix

    This NASA mission left Earth about 9 months ago and successfully landed a spacecraft near Mars’ north polar cap on June 25, 2008. Using a scoop on the end of a 7-foot arm, Phoenix has and will … more

  • No, No, Nanobacteria

    Size also matters to biochemists. Conventional wisdom places the lower bound on life at about 1 micron (give or take a few hundred nanometers). In 1999, the National Academy of Sciences sponsored a … more

  • Doubts About Some Water on Mars

    In the December 8, 2006 issue of Science, a report was published suggesting that water had flowed on the surface of Mars in recent decades. A reexamination of the data led to the publishing of a new … more

  • Too Salty for Life

    Consequently, the search for life outside of Earth has embraced the mantra, “follow the water”. But, as noted in a recent summary posted here, much of the evidence for water on Mars can … more

  • Is It All a Mirage?

    Observers of Mars in past centuries were filled with hope that Mars was certainly inhabited by intelligent creatures that were responsible for major canal systems carrying water across the planet. … more

  • When Life From Mars Isn't

    When the Mars meteorite ALH-84001 discovered in 1984 in the Antarctic, was announced in 1996 it got a lot of media attention. Even President Clinton commented. At the time it was very exciting for … more

  • Ideal Biomarker

    Part of the problem is that in their search for signs of present or past existing life beyond planet Earth, astrobiologists have been attempting to detect biomarker molecules that already are known to … more

  • Viking Invasion of Mars Thwarted

    The possibility of life on Mars has held human interest for hundreds of years and has recently become an obsession for NASA.

    A number of atmospheric probes and surface craft have been sent to Mars … more

  • Ancient Oceans on Mars Reveal Design on Earth

    A question puzzling astronomers for many decades has been whether Mars ever had substantial liquid water. An idea put forth in 1991, based on two long lips of rock that resembled ancient shorelines, … more

  • Habitability and God's Design for Earth

    So what prompted the abundance of media coverage regarding a planet discovery announced at the end of April 2007? According to scientists, this was the first potentially habitable planet. For the … more

  • Water on Mars--Is Life Next? How about Pizza?

    "Water could be flowing on Mars today." The headline on Nature's Web site on December 6, 2006, represented one of countless leads heralding the scientific breakthrough. When people hear about water on … more

  • Mars—A Tough Environment for Organic Molecules

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    Scientists continue to demonstrate how uninhabitable Mars is by studying chemical reactions on the planet. Methane in the Martian atmosphere … more

  • Mars: Drier and Drier

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    ·         Recent data from Mars confirms the planet’s lack of substantial water, further … more