Reasons to Believe


  • Grand Tack Model Reveals More Solar System Designs

    All standard planetary formation models, when applied to the solar system, are stymied by the “Mars Problem” and the “Main Belt Problem.” Most solar system formation models can explain the masses and … more

  • Was Mars Once Plagued by Tsunamis?

    Tsunamis are a recurring theme in disaster movies. The Impossible depicts a family’s struggle to survive in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Deep Impact, San Andreas, The Day … more

  • Radiation on Mars Endangers Life

    The northern and southern lights (aurora borealis and aurora australis) splash colorful lights onto the sky, awing spectators, but this display is simply the result of a diverse distribution of … more

  • Did Mars Ever Have Liquid Water?

    In recent years, the question of Mars has shifted from whether it hosts advanced life (an idea shown to be futile) to whether it hosts water. Throughout the late 1800s, scientists such as William … more

  • The Martian: Surviving on the Red Planet

    Make no mistake about it—Mars is an extremely hostile place for life. And a new movie called The Martian, which is set to release October 2, seems to understand just how difficult it can be for … more

  • Water Does Not Equal Habitability

    “The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters” (Genesis 1:2). This verse often gets … more

  • Mars Research Reinforces Creation Model

    Scientists say that a manned mission to Mars is feasible in the next decade and some have even drawn up a relatively detailed outline of plans to settle the planet. While such a scenario may spark … more

  • Can Humans Hibernate on a Trip to Mars?

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  • The Song Remains the Same: No Life on Mars

    In response to the bandwagon popularity of country music in the early ’80s—brought on by the movie Urban Cowboy—Kye Fleming and Dennis Morgan wrote the song “I Was Country, … more

  • Did Mars Support Life In Its Past

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  • Giant Mars crater shows evidence of life?

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  • Is Mars Wetter, Warmer Than Once Thought?

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  • Mars: The Search for Water

    Named for the Roman god of war, our red-tinged planetary neighbor continually draws our fascination. In fiction, Mars is often the source of malevolent alien invaders. In space exploration, it’s … more

  • Plate Tectonics on Mars?

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  • What will Curiosity discover on Mars?

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