Reasons to Believe

Lucy and Other Hominids

  • Nothing Much to Talk About

    Nobody really likes a potty mouth, including anthropologists. But it looks like these scientists will have to put up with “contaminated” language from Neanderthals, at least if the results … more

  • Of Hominids and Humans


    “You get that from your dad’s side of the family.”


    I hear this comment a lot—and with good reason. Of the three daughters born to my parents, I’m most … more

  • Ardi: Hardly Evidence for Human Evolution

    A Christian Perspective of the Latest Hominid Fossil Find

    I remember watching Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In as a kid. One of my favorite characters was the German soldier, Wolfgang, played by Arte … more

  • Hobbits Grab Headlines, Again!

    Tolkien's Hobbits are humble beings, not much for calling attention to themselves. But the scientific version of these creatures is constantly grabbing headlines. In 2004, Australian and Indonesian … more

  • Focusing on the Pelvis

    New Discovery Indicates Homo erectus Grew and Developed like an Ape, Not a Modern Human

    Elvis Presley earned the nickname “Elvis the Pelvis” after his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan … more

  • Hobbit Walk Speaks Volumes

    New research confirms biological differences between H. floresiensis and modern humans

    The way a person walks says a lot about them. For example, someone who is confident will usually walk erect and … more

  • Were the Hobbits Cretins?

    New research raise questions about the identity of Homo floresiensis, or does it?

    Anyone who has read or seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy knows that the noble creatures called hobbits played a … more

  • Little People Cause Big Excitement

    Does Palau Island Discovery Challenge the Status of Homo floresiensis?

    My youngest daughter’s all-star cheer team was recently invited to perform during half-time at an LA Breakers game. The LA … more

  • The Case for Human Evolution Loses Some Teeth

    Dental Anatomy Gives Important Clues on Hominid Growth and Development

    For a little kid, losing teeth is a rite of passage. Each tooth that falls out (or gets unceremoniously yanked loose) serves as … more

  • From Whence Do We Come? Part 2 (of 2)

    Recent Fossil Find and Human Evolution

     Many people regard the hominid fossil record as compelling evidence for human evolution. These remarkable creatures presumably represent evolutionary … more

  • From Whence Do We Come? Part 1 of 2

    Recent Fossil Find and Human Evolution

    Many people are convinced that human evolution is a fact. Often they will cite the existence of hominids in the fossil record as evidence for their … more

  • Human or Hobbit?

    "Middle Earth" is not a real place. Humans, dwarves, elves, and hobbits never lived together. But in the fall of 2004, Australian and Indonesian paleoanthropologists stunned the archeological world … more

  • Lucy Falls out of Family Tree

    Ever since the discovery of the skeletal remains of a female hominid several decades ago, Lucy has been widely publicized as a significant branch in the evolutionary tree of human ancestry. We've all … more

  • Where does Homo antecessor fit?

    Who am I? How do I fit into the grand scheme of things? These questions gnaw at someone going through an identity crisis.

    Struggling with this type of uncertainty is unique to human experience. It's … more

  • New Clues to a Genesis Mystery

    Medical doctors say if you live long enough you'll probably get cancer. Cancer is one reason why none of us can live much beyond 120 years.1 How is it possible, then, that humans (before Noah) could … more