Reasons to Believe


  • How to ERASE Logical Fallacies

    An essential skill to develop—particularly if you intend to discuss the truth of your faith with others—is how to understand, evaluate, and present a logical argument. Though it might seem … more

  • Logic: A Necessary Tool for Truth

    As the nonscientist on RTB’s five-person staff scholar team, I sometimes feel like the odd man out. Because I’m a philosopher, I often look at things and think about things very … more

  • Think Again: The Danger of Preferential Reasoning

    There seems to be a tendency in human beings to draw the logical conclusion that each of us prefers to be true. So when it comes to evaluating arguments for reasonableness and explanatory power, … more

  • Think Again: Christianity’s Relationship to Reason

    Are Christians well known for their careful thinking, or does faith do damage to reason? While skeptics sometimes question whether historic Christianity comports with a vigorous logical outlook on … more

  • Think Again: Logic vs. Passion

    Do you know that it’s possible to engage in a vigorous argument without your face turning red, your jugular vein popping out, or raising your voice? Lots of people think of arguments solely in … more

  • Think Again: Logic’s Golden Question

    What’s the point?

    That is the essential question to ask when critically examining arguments. In logic, the point is always what the argument’s conclusion indicates. Thus, the conclusion … more

  • Think Again: Keep Your Arguments Clear!

    Jewish scholar and radio talk show host Dennis Prager often says, “Clarity is more important than agreement.” And when it comes to reasoning, clarity carries its own persuasive power. … more

  • Think Again: Questioning Conspiracy Theories

    Are professional sports on the up and up? Do the “better” teams win by genuinely defeating the “lesser” teams?

    With the NBA playoffs having just finished, it’s a good … more

  • Thinking Again about Logic

    If you want your thoughts on any given subject to be clear and careful, it usually requires engaging the topic more than once. To think again about something means that you want to get it right. … more

  • How to Evaluate an Abductive Argument

    Logic gives us a checklist for our thoughts. It orders our thinking and prepares us to present our beliefs to others in a clear and consistent way. For Christians, this is an invaluable apologetics … more

  • A Conversation on the Life of the Mind, Part 4

    Is it possible to please God as much by thinking as by praying? The answer is yes (though hopefully you’re also thinking while praying). This conversation-style series centered on the life of … more

  • Why We Need Logic in Schools

    Logic, the science of evaluating arguments, helps order the mind and enhances reasoning abilities. Thus, a logically oriented mind is better prepared to discern truth. The following 15 quotes are a … more