Reasons to Believe

Life on Other Planets

  • Metal Matters

    Uranium and thorium play a vital role in the plate tectonics and volcanism of planets. Consequently, the amount of these two metallic elements influences the ability of any planet to support advanced … more

  • Aliens From Another World? Getting Here From There

    Growing numbers of UFO and ETI cults, some overtly religious, others with the pretense of purely scientific endeavor, preach their own message of salvation for the human race, a message that directly … more

  • Black Holes, Singularities, and Wormholes

    Two tests of space travelers’ ability to support themselves independent of Earth have taken place in the Arizona desert (see In 1991 a team of eight adults were sealed inside a … more

  • Mars Life: A Second Opinion

    The “possible” discovery of Martian life made headlines again in March 2001. In a strained effort to uphold the evolutionary paradigm, secularists seize any hope of a Martian … more

  • First Detection of Earth-sized Planet?

    A team of 41 astronomers from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States took advantage of a naturally occurring telescope to image a small planet orbiting a star somewhere between us and … more

  • Water on Mars: What Does It Mean?

    On June 22, NASA astronomers held a press conference to announce their discovery of “recently” cut gullies, indicators of flowing water, on the Martian surface.1, 2 The discovery stirred … more

  • Planet Quest- A Recent Success

    Using the world’s largest optical telescope, the 400-inch KECK, three American astronomers recently discovered two Saturn-sized planets outside our solar system. Both orbit “main … more

  • Live Here or Nowhere

    In the latter half of this decade, science revealed the importance of our solar system’s position in the galaxy between two spiral arms, where certain life-disturbing phenomena rarely occur and … more

  • Life Zones in Space

    No wonder these systems hold such fascination for scientists, for everyone! In October 1999, Science focused an entire edition on planetary systems. It featured a dozen papers on the topic, including … more

  • A Twin or Not a Twin?

    Recent studies of the Edgeworth-Kuiper asteroid belt reveal the “amazing circumstances” required to make our solar system a suitable place for life.1 The belt itself is a recent discovery. … more

  • The Heavens Resound with a Message for Mankind

    Their investigation of planetary resonances (the intensification of gravitational effects resulting from orbital patterns and repeated, regular planetary alignments) indicates that without an … more

  • Astrology: Help, Hoax, or Harm?

    How can I make such a strong statement? Consider the following points: Astrology

    bases horoscopes on the moment of birth, not the moment of conception when, in fact, one's genetic characteristics … more

  • A Spectrum of Views on ETI

    by Sam Conner, Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, and Dr. Hugh Ross

    The “Christian position” on extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) has been a matter of debate since the time of Thomas Aquinas.1, 2 … more

  • Mars: Evidence for E.T. or Confirmation of Design?

    A review of the data by Dr. Hugh Ross

    Interest in the highly publicized Martian meteorite, ALH84001, still runs high. Ordinarily I would be thrilled to see science news make headlines for months on … more

  • Martian Meteorite Shows Signs of Life On Mars?

    (Facts & Faith, Third Quarter 1996)

    We have been deluged with this question since the NASA press release on the 6th of August. Here is Hugh Ross' preliminary response to the NASA study that … more