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Life on Other Planets

  • Can Tiny Organisms Survive Hostile Space?

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    Abundant scientific evidence establishes that life originated on Earth in a geologic instant (no time).1 Additionally, life arose without benefit of … more

  • Is ET dissing us?

    You might have seen MSNBC, "British scientists recreate the molecules that gave birth to life itself" Jan 30, 2012; more

  • Another Super-Earth in the habitable zone?

    USA Today, "Super-Earth spotted on the edge of habitable zone'" Aug 22, 2011; more

  • NASA Finds New Life

    GIZMODO, "NASA Finds New Life," Dec 02, 2010,; more

  • A TNRTB Best of: Is Oxygen a Signature for Life?

    Working at Reasons to Believe provides many opportunities for us to travel around the country and the world, not only to engage skeptics in discussion about science-faith issues, but also to encourage … more

  • Survival of Earth-life on Mars

    NASA expends considerable effort to ensure any life-detecting spacecraft they send to Mars do not, themselves, contaminate Mars with Earth-life. At every phase of the mission multiple steps are taken … more

  • An Ocean of Wonder

    The recent discovery and analysis of a planet described as “something like our own Earth” highlights the point. This particular planet, with the colorful name GJ1214, is about six and half … more

  • Is Oxygen a Signature for Life?

    Astrobiology was launched as a scientific discipline at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Its stated goal is to find extraterrestrial life. But there's a problem. How does one go about … more

  • The Oxygen–Antioxidant Paradox

    Advanced life requires the efficient processing of energy to perform work. Only the oxidation of carbohydrates, starches, and fats can deliver the necessary efficiency. However, the presence of oxygen … more

  • Rare Solar System Location

    The solar system’s current position (in between two nearby exceptionally symmetrical and widely separated spiral arms that are devoid of any significant spurs or feathers) keeps the solar … more

  • Too Much Sulfur

    Sulfur plays a crucial role in life chemistry. This fact became personal for me a year ago when I was diagnosed as sulfur deficient. Many protein functions crucially depend on sulfur. Fortunately, … more

  • Why Jupiter and Saturn Have No Twins

    Likewise, the discovery of over 300 extrasolar gas giant planets combined with spacecraft missions to explore the outer solar system is beginning to establish the rare gas giant planet system … more