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Life on Other Planets

  • Too Much Water Is Bad for Life!

    The mantra for the astrobiology community is “Follow the water”—for good reason. Without liquid water, there is no possibility of life. However, many in the astrobiological community … more

  • Have You Thanked God for Earth’s Gravity Today?

    Three summers ago, Fazale Rana and I delivered four lectures on the Cambrian explosion to more than 40 supporters of Reasons to Believe within just a few miles of the site where the first Cambrian … more

  • Clouds Cause Problems for Extraterrestrial Life

    When I was a child, my friends and I would sometimes lie on the grass and watch billowing clouds traverse the sky. As they traversed the sky and changed shape, we would call out to one another what … more

  • Would Discovering Aliens Disprove Christianity?

    According to the popular narrative, Copernicus’s assertion that the earth orbited the sun started a relentless process of scientific discovery serving to remove any thought that humanity … more

  • The Alien Signal That Wasn’t

    “Hear Me Now? ‘Strong Signal’ from Sun-like Star Sparks Alien Speculation” (CNN)

    “Aliens May Have Sent a ‘Strong Message’ from Deep in Space, Scientists … more

  • "Electric Wind" Becomes 9th Habitable Zone

    The Internet has been abuzz lately with several articles and posts claiming that "at least a trillion alien civilizations have almost certainly existed in the universe."1 These claims are founded … more

  • Are Humans Special?

    Is human life on Earth special or not? According to the popular narrative, science continues pushing humanity off any supposed pedestal—a process that began when Nicolaus Copernicus promoted a … more

  • Dr. Jeff Zweerink shares his testimony on KKLA: The Intersection of Faith & Reason

    Jeff Zweerink joins KKLA host Frank Sontag at the annual Rose Bowl Youth Kare Circus where they discuss Jeff’s testimony and the importance of parents sharing their faith with their kids.

    This … more

  • Signatures of Life on an Exoplanet

    Without question, the last two decades witnessed unparalleled advances in our knowledge of planets. While the number of planets within the solar system decreased from nine to eight (which some … more

  • Grand by Design

    It’s as busy as Grand Central Station. This New York landmark, correctly referred to as Grand Central Terminal, is often thought of as the epitome of chaos. Rightfully so. I happened to be there … more

  • Can Tiny Organisms Survive Hostile Space?

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    Abundant scientific evidence establishes that life originated on Earth in a geologic instant (no time).1 Additionally, life arose without benefit of … more

  • Is ET dissing us?

    You might have seen MSNBC, "British scientists recreate the molecules that gave birth to life itself" Jan 30, 2012; more