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Life Design

  • Rare Earth Confirmed

    A couple of months ago I discussed an upgrade to the Arecibo Radio Telescope that would make it more effective for searching for intelligent life in outer space (SETI). That article included … more

  • Designed to Live, Designed to Die

    "Why don't we see new species emerging now?" Charles Darwin faced this question nearly 150 years ago when he proposed the theory of evolution. His answer–all Earth's habitats are full.

    Whether … more

  • Why Pregnant Women Don't Topple

    Source: Yahoo News! "Study: Why Pregnant Women Don't Topple," December 12, 2007, Nature article, Harvard anthropology researcher, Katherine Whitcomb more

  • Ask the Animals and They Will Teach You

    Geckos and Mussels Inspire New Wet/Dry Adhesive

    The Bible declares that nature reveals God’s workmanship from the beasts of the fields to the stars of the sky. Job implores, “But ask the … more

  • The Dark and Bright Sides of Cosmology

    Astrophysics has its ironies. Here’s one: Studies of the brightest galaxies in the universe led to the discovery that 99 percent of all matter is "dark matter".1 But matter is only part of the … more

  • Natural Nucleobase Synthesis?

    The replicating molecules of life (DNA and RNA) are composed of different nucleobase molecules linked together by phosphates and five-carbon sugars. Without the nucleobase molecules the replicating … more

  • So Easy a Caveman Could Do It? Part 2 (of 2)

    Last week we explored one aspect of human nature—language—that sets humans apart from animals and we proposed the neural synapse as a mechanism by which a Creator could communicate with … more

  • So Easy a Caveman Could Do It? Part 1 (of 2)

    The slogan of the popular Geico commercials is now familiar to most television viewing people. It shows the frustration, resentment, and anger of cavemen toward certain twenty-first century corporate … more

  • More on the Gay-Gene Debate

    Many of you have said that a gay-gene discovery wouldn't matter; God still expects obedience to his laws in spite of our genetic makeup. You could argue on the basis of a “slippery slope” … more

  • Why We Need to Return to the Moon

    The Apollo missions were more than just television spectaculars, however. The Apollo program helped us solve the mystery of the moon’s origin and helped establish how amazingly designed the moon … more

  • Ode to Oxygen

    My seventh-grade science teacher asked the class to list “the three most essential needs of human life.” The “correct” answer—water, food, and sleep—illustrates how … more

  • Diminutive Plankton Do Heavy Lifting

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    Studies of tiny marine organisms provide additional evidence of design in Earth’s biological and geological processes. As a greenhouse gas, … more

  • Humanity Arrives at the Just Right Time

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    As scientists discuss ways to mitigate greenhouse warming, their possible solutions highlight the fine-tuning of humanity’s arrival on Earth. … more

  • Straight from the Fish's Mouth

    When did Antarctica change from the forested continent it was 50 million years ago to the desolate ice sheet it is today? And why is this event important from an apologetics standpoint? Thanks to … more