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Life Design

  • Matters of the Heart

    There are certain things that come with being a part of a large extended family—particularly one that is close, geographically and otherwise. For instance, weekend get-togethers look more like … more

  • A TNRTB Best of: Biological Inspiration

    Every summer, comic book movies wow audiences with flashy special effects that make superheroes fly, disappear, transform, etc. Many of us can’t help wishing we possessed superpowers of our own. … more

  • An Ocean of Wonder

    The recent discovery and analysis of a planet described as “something like our own Earth” highlights the point. This particular planet, with the colorful name GJ1214, is about six and half … more

  • Biology-Inspired Adhesion

    Ever wanted to scale a shear wall without worrying about losing your grip? How about meander across the ceiling? Thanks to inspiration from beetles and some hard work in the lab, equipment for such … more

  • Symbiosis Studies Reveal Stunning Complexity

    March 1, 2010 Dr. Hugh Ross

    If you know about the relationship between flowers and bees, you know the basics of symbiosis—two dissimilar species living together interdependently. To account for … more

  • Nutrient Quantities Must Be Fine-Tuned

    All life requires carbon and nitrogen. Without adequate quantities of each element sequestered in specific compounds life cannot survive. Ecologists note, too, that as the quantities of certain … more

  • Evidence for God’s Grace in Epilepsy Genes

    The old cliché “two wrongs don’t make a right” proves true in many situations, but in the genetics of the brain, two genetic wrongs can make a right. A few years ago, I … more

  • AVATAR: a New Hope?

    Avatar, the movie released just a few weeks ago, already ranks as the second highest earning movie of all time and may exceed the current record holder, Titanic, within a few more weeks. Two aspects … more

  • Mixotrophs - An Evolutionary "Nice Try"

    Amid all the celebration last year over the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of his most famous book, On the Origin of Species,1 I heard little or no mention … more

  • Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.”

    Edgar Allan Poe was not the only one impressed with the great intellect of the raven. Ravens also much impressed the prophet Elijah when God ordered the birds to bring the prophet bread and meat.1 … more

  • The Ears Have It

    Fire alarms. Thunder claps. Explosions. These jarring noises make us jump out of our seats and cause our hearts to race. Our ability to respond immediately to such startling stimuli—and yet … more

  • Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Design

    Vascular plants provide sites all along their root systems where colonies of AMF can assemble and feed on the nutrients supplied by the plants. In return, the AMF supply phosphorus, nitrogen, and … more

  • Optimal Memory Design and Benefits of Forgetting

    During speaking events, I am frequently complimented for my "phenomenal memory." People are impressed by the relative ease with which I quote Bible passages from memory or recall the details of arcane … more

  • Novel Nitrogen Uptake Design

    Molecular nitrogen (N2) comprises about 79 percent of the atmosphere, making it the most abundant element in Earth's atmosphere.

    Nitrogen is crucial for most biological processes. It is found in … more

  • Moving Life and Nutrients Around

    Many anecdotal accounts of microorganisms being found in environments that cannot support their metabolic activities can be found in the scientific literature.1 Yet no quantitative measurements … more

  • Intelligence Design

    Many science-fiction movies feature aliens with slight bodies and enormous brains. Such portrayals support the theme that an extraterrestrial ecosystem might permit the existence of a superintellect … more