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  • Learning the Lingo

    It’s a peculiar thing to be surrounded by people and feel all alone. Yet such was my predicament last week. With a few hours to spare before IAM’s Encounter 11 began, I wandered, in … more

  • Leaf Plumbing Design for Advanced Life

    Efficient plumbing is easy to take for granted until it suddenly ceases to be efficient. This point came home to me rather dramatically a few years ago when I received an enormous bill from our water … more

  • Thank God for Mountains

    I grew up in coastal British Columbia and I must admit that I took for granted all the blessings of a mountainous rainforest environment. It was not until I left British Columbia that I fully … more

  • Thank God for Carnivores

    I have observed both inside and outside the church a growing trend of viewing carnivorous activity as a natural evil that pervades the animal realm. This thinking is especially evident among people … more

  • TNRTB Classic: Sperm Whales

    Whales present a prime example of resource management gone wrong. The past three centuries of the whaling industry have driven most whale species to near-extinction. However, in the context of the … more

  • A TNRTB Best of: Thank God for Flowers

    We couldn’t believe our eyes. For several hours Kathy and I had been hiking through mile after mile of mountain meadows filled with an array of flowers of every imaginable color, shape, and … more

  • Thank God for Falling Leaves

    Through a long-term, large-scale experiment, two botanists measured the important role litterfall (leaf or plant litter) plays in providing nutrients to plant life.1 For five years, the researchers … more

  • The Detriment of Promiscuity

    Today, the institution of marriage is under assault like never before. The biblical standard of one man remaining monogamously attached to one woman for life has been diluted to grant an individual … more

  • Thank God for Leaf Litterfall

    My favorite running trails are paths through forests with tall trees and floors heavily laden with leaf litter. The trees shade me from the heat, and the thick layers of leaves on the forest floor … more

  • Setting the Stage for Creation

    At this point in history, the Sun and stars already existed, but from the perspective of a hypothetical observer on the planet’s surface, a cloud cover enveloped Earth in darkness. Water covered … more

  • Thank God for Whales

    At first glance this evidence seems like a point in favor of the evolutionary paradigm, but a closer look reveals otherwise. Evolutionary models prove that, of all animals, whales manifest the highest … more

  • Thank God for the Extinction of Mammoths

    It may seem counterintuitive to thank God for an animal species’ extinction, but new research suggests that the catastrophic elimination of larger mammoth species produced manifold benefits for … more

  • Just a few genes define dog diversity, "Just a few genes define dog diversity," August 10, 2010 ; more

  • Thank God for Flowers

    A world without flowers would be a world with little romance. What would Valentine’s Day be like without flowers? A planet without flowers would lack much of the beauty we now enjoy. Imagine the … more

  • Matters of the Heart

    There are certain things that come with being a part of a large extended family—particularly one that is close, geographically and otherwise. For instance, weekend get-togethers look more like … more