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Life Design

  • Equipped for High-Tech Society

    Human beings seem vastly "over-endowed" for hunter-gatherer or agrarian existence. For tens of thousands of years humanity carried intellectual capacities that offered no discernable advantage. From a … more

  • Simple Life is Complex

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    Natural process evolution has suffered another blow. An astronomer proposes a new measure of complexity which establishes that the simplest life … more

  • Follow the Life?

    However, despite a quadrupling of funds in just six years (compared to a vastly smaller increase for all the other sciences) and despite decades of diligent searching, no one has found any evidence … more

  • Daddy Long-Legs’ Stability

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    A discovery of preserved air-breathing organs in ancient fossils of the spider-like arachnid, “daddy long-legs,” gainsays a prediction … more

  • Is Life Common

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    Many scientists committed to naturalism claim life’s rapid emergence on Earth establishes that life must be common in the universe. However, … more

  • Jellyfish Rudders

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    A recently discovered design feature for box jellyfish provides another example of supernatural creation. One of the five different cell types … more

  • Organics in Outer Space

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    The hypothesis for the origin of life on Earth under strictly natural conditions, especially through interstellar or interplanetary transport, … more

  • Predation Patterns

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    A 40-year study of predation in East Africa challenges naturalistic evolution and affirms creation. Researchers studied the mammal community of the … more

  • Symbiosis Design

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    Biologists have discovered a new design feature in soybeans. What they previously knew was that soybean plants provide root nodules that protect and … more

  • Trilobite Eyeshade

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    Scientists discovered an exquisitely designed eye mechanism in an ancient marine animal that provides evidence for supernatural creation. The … more

  • Human Sociability

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    An experiment involving 60,000 email users confirms Stanley Milgram’s hypothesis that any person is connected to any other person in the world … more

  • Gamma Rays Burst Biological Evolution

    The energy released during a gamma ray burst strains the imagination. With the power of 10 billion billion suns, gamma ray bursts are the most brilliant photon emitters in the universe. By comparison, … more

  • Bacteria's Long Reign

    Why do stars twinkle? Why does God sometimes seem silent? Some “why” questions are more elusive than others.

    When presented with RTB’s biblical creation model people often ask, … more

  • Anthropic Principle: A Precise Plan for Humanity

    Human beings climb. Always have, always will. First hills, then mountains, then pinnacles so high they're called "death zones." That's as high as legs could carry them, but not high enough. So people … more

  • Book Reviews: Speculations on Origins

    Reviewed by Dr. Tony Rogers


    By Stuart A. Kauffman. New York: Oxford University Press, 2000. 336 pages, indexes. Hardcover; $30.00.

    Why, in spite of entropy, nature’s … more

  • Biospheres Deemed Failures

    Two tests of space travelers’ ability to support themselves independent of Earth have taken place in the Arizona desert (see In 1991 a team of eight adults were sealed inside a … more

  • Extinction Risks For Birds

    One of the complex challenges facing evolutionists can be described in simple terms. It is the problem of time. For naturalistic evolution to work, the rate of speciation (introduction of new species) … more

  • Aliens From Another World? Getting Here From There

    Growing numbers of UFO and ETI cults, some overtly religious, others with the pretense of purely scientific endeavor, preach their own message of salvation for the human race, a message that directly … more