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Life Design

  • Plant Roots-Fungi Symbiosis Is Multifaceted

    The most prevalent known plant symbiosis is the mutual relationship between the roots of vascular plants (plants with xylem and phloem that act as a hydraulic system to bring water and nutrients up … more

  • Another Way Life Requires Carbon

    Have you ever hard-boiled an egg? As the egg basks in the heat of the boiling water, the gooey, almost-liquid egg white and the gelatinous yolk slowly transform into spongy and powdery solids. Yet … more

  • Persuasive Reasons: Thoughts on Fine-Tuning

    Recently, I wrote about what I find as the most persuasive argument (scientifically speaking) for the truth of Christianity. Big bang cosmology reveals a marked correspondence between the biblical … more

  • Hagfish Slime Expands the Case for a Creator

    The designs found in biological systems never cease to amaze me. Even something as gross and seemingly insignificant as hagfish slime displays remarkable properties, befitting the handiwork of a … more

  • The Remarkable Scientific Accuracy of Psalm 139

    For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. … more

  • The Female Brain: Pregnant with Design

    When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to her, “Woman, here is your son.”

    –John 19:26

    I’ve learned the hard way … more

  • DNA: Designed for Flexibility

    Over the years I’ve learned that flexibility is key to a happy and successful life. If you are too rigid, it can create problems for you and others and rob you of joy.

    Recently, a team of … more

  • More Reasons to Thank God for Apex Predators

    There is something majestic and beautiful about apex predators. When we took our sons to a zoo or a wild animal preserve during their childhood years, the first animals they wanted to see were lions, … more

  • Fireflies Inspire Better LEDs

    Growing up, I loved catching fireflies (or lightning bugs). Truth be told, I still do. What’s not to like about a bug whose rear end glows on command? And scientists just gave me a new reason to … more

  • Complex Carbohydrates Illustrate the Design in Cells

    Life requires information, and information is the product of mind. We know that DNA and protein structures are information-rich molecules. However, what is less known is that carbohydrates are perhaps … more

  • Bacteria May Offer a Climate Change Solution

    What is the dominant and most abundant life-form on Earth? Surprisingly, it is not humans, cows, trees, grass, or insects. By a very wide margin, bacteria dominate our planet.

    The biomass of bacteria … more

  • Beetles Inspire an Engineering Breakthrough

    The Beatles are recognized for inspiring countless musicians and shaping the face of pop music. Likewise, beetles (the insect, not the musicians) have offered their fair share of inspiration—at … more

  • Thank God for Gut Microbes

    The microbes in your lower intestine are like Rodney Dangerfield—they get no respect. So, I am guessing that the bacteria in your bowels helping you digest turkey and pumpkin pie are near the … more