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Junk DNA

  • Are Pseudogenes Junk?

    Evolutionary biologists regard “junk” DNA as one of the most potent pieces of evidence for biological evolution. Often identical (or nearly identical) segments of junk DNA occur in a wide … more

  • Is Junk DNA Evidence for Biological Evolution?

    Long Terminal Repeats Function as Promoters for the NAIP Gene in Mammals

    Both Christians and skeptics alike expect superior designs to exist throughout nature if, indeed, the all-powerful, … more

  • Junk DNA Has Function

    "Junk" (or noncoding) DNA has become an icon of evolution. Evolutionary biologists maintain that because junk DNA is an imperfection, it provides incontrovertible evidence for evolution. After all, … more

  • Yet Another Use for “Junk” DNA

    A team of scientists from Case Western Reserve (CWRU) School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio, has developed convincing circumstantial evidence for yet another function for so-called “junk” … more

  • "Junk" DNA Not so Junky

    A recent report by researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) provides new evidence that non-coding DNA (typically referred to as “junk” DNA or “selfish” DNA) is … more