Reasons to Believe

Human Origins and the Bible

  • Happy Mother's...DNA?

     “All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his.” … more

  • Man and Quakes

    How can a teacher explain to 12-year-olds the issues involved in human origins discussions? Would a benevolent God necessarily have earthquakes as part of his "good" creation? more

  • What Does a "Very Good World" Look Like? Part 1 of 2

    One point of contention among those who believe in creation is the issue of death and decay in the original created order. The question, simply stated, is whether or not death, decay, disease, harsh … more

  • Creation vs. Evolution: Why a Model Is Essential

    One of the most frequent complaints scientists make about the Intelligent Design movement is that their brand of intelligent design is not testable, falsifiable, or predictive. This brand lacks these … more

  • First Footwear Dates to 40,000 Years Ago

    New Research Supports Biblical View of Human Origins

    I woke up this mornin’, feelin’ ‘round for my shoes. Know ‘bout ‘at I got these old walkin’ blues. - Robert … more

  • Hope I Die When I'm Really Old

    New Discovery Make Sense of Long Life Spans in Genesis 5 and 11

    The other day I was shopping in the used CD section of my favorite local independent record store and I came across a compendium of … more

  • A Burgoo of Human Origin Discoveries

    Three New Studies Support Biblical Account of Humanity’s Creation

    What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the state of Kentucky? Horse racing? Wildcat basketball? The … more

  • Uniqueness of Human Capacity to Express Malice

    One of the cornerstone doctrines of the Christian faith is that humans alone among all life-forms on Earth are sinners. According to the Bible, all humans and only humans are born with the propensity … more

  • Cain Worked the Soil and Abel Tended the Flocks

    New insight into the origin of agriculture buttresses a weak spot in RTB’s human origins model.

    All scientific models have weaknesses. RTB’s creation model is no exception. Even though … more

  • Uniqueness of Social Cognition in Humans

    One of the cornerstone doctrines of the Christian faith is that humans alone among all life-forms on Earth are created in the image of God. Part of this image entails that humans are spiritual … more

  • The Dark and Bright Sides of Cosmology

    Astrophysics has its ironies. Here’s one: Studies of the brightest galaxies in the universe led to the discovery that 99 percent of all matter is "dark matter".1 But matter is only part of the … more