Reasons to Believe

Historical Apologetics

  • Reconsidering the James Ossuary

    Eight years ago, a small group of scholars shocked the world when they announced data that could potentially make unbelievers reconsider their skepticism about Jesus (see Biblical Archaeology Review, … more

  • The Importance of Rowing Together

    Watching Ken Burns’s new documentary on PBS about World War II led to, of all things, an apologetics epiphany on my part.

    I have been a student of the Second World War since my early childhood. … more

  • Augustine on Adam’s Fall

    Arguably the greatest of the church fathers, Augustine of Hippo (AD 354-430) is widely considered one of the most influential theologians in Christian history. He is especially recognized as having a … more

  • King David’s Palace

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    Archeological digs in the Middle East have provided more evidence that the Bible gives an accurate record of history. Although King David is … more

  • A Word About the DaVinci Code

    The best-selling novel, The DaVinci Code, is coming to the big screen in May. And it has some big-name talent behind it. Ron Howard directs the film, and Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks plays the lead. … more

  • The Christmas Star

    The only known account of the wise men and of the astronomical event that spurred them to action is found in the book of Matthew. This dramatic story has generated numerous articles, books, songs, and … more

  • Book Review: A History of Apologetics

    A History of Apologetics By Avery Dulles. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 1999. 307 pages. Paperback.

    Christian apologists can learn much from the apologetics masters of the past. Yet, … more

  • Cracking the Codes

    Books claiming to unlock secret codes embedded in the letters or words of the Bible have returned to the limelight.1-4 Such books are not new; they've appeared many times through the centuries. But … more

  • 10 Criticisms of the Bible Code


    The Bible Code (BC) is an alleged detectable code numerically derived from the letters of the Hebrew Old Testament text (especially the Torah).


    The biblical "code words" … more

  • The Great Claims of Jesus

    The vast majority of the world's people recognize Jesus of Nazareth as a great moral teacher, perhaps even a prophet, but only a small percentage, as yet, accept Him as the Messiah, the "deliverer," … more