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Global Warming

  • Climategate: Less Heat, More Light Needed

    by Hugh Ross, Jeff Zweerink and Kenneth Samples

    Recent dissemination of private emails from influential scientists associated with a leading climate research center has raised the temperature of an … more

  • RTB's Response to "Climate-gate"

    Fox News, “Why You Should Be Hot and Bothered About 'Climate-gate',” by John Lott, November 24, 2009 ; more

  • Earth Day 2009 - Earth Day Challenge

    God spoke: "Let us make human beings in our image, make them       reflecting our nature    So they can be responsible for the fish in the sea, … more

  • Martian Climate Instabilities Compared to Earth’s

    Mars is a good example of such a pathway. It also is a good example of how the study of other planets can expose hidden evidences for supernatural design in our own planet.

    In a recent issue of … more

  • How Does Global Warming Fit Into RTB's Model?

    As Reasons To Believe science scholars travel and speak, audiences ask about global warming perhaps more often than any other issue. RTB does take a position and we've got a statement right here on … more

  • Global Warming

    We tend to think Earth’s climate will always be optimal for human civilization if we just take good care of it. But nothing could be farther from the truth. When we put emotion and politics … more

  • Surprising Source of Methane

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    A surprising source of methane provides additional support for RTB’s creation model. Methane is the second-most important greenhouse gas … more

  • More Knobs to Control Global Environment

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    Research into material transport via rivers provides further evidence that a supernatural Designer has fashioned Earth to support life. One reason … more

  • Complex Mechanisms Control Earth’s Climate

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    Research into the diversity of influences on climate strengthens the case for a superintelligent Designer preparing Earth as a stable habitat for … more

  • Climate Change Orbital Inclination Variation Link

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    A team of European and American geochemists and geophysicists has found more evidence for the supernatural design and timing of the solar system for … more

  • Staving Off an Ice Age

    Drilling deep into the ice of Antarctica and Greenland, scientists have found a different story, including some thought-provoking surprises.1 They see hints of a providential connection between global … more