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Global Warming

  • Climate Change: Sense and Sensibility

    While voices warning of imminent, catastrophic, man-made global warming grow louder, their volume is matched by others claiming the warming is not significantly human-induced and/or not significant … more

  • TNRTB Classic: The Greenhouse Effect

    Earlier this week, RTB visiting scholar Kevin Birdwell wrote about the effects of water vapor in global warming. While previously thought to have a potentially significant impact on global warming, … more

  • Climate Change: Warming and Water Vapor

    Greenhouse gases significantly absorb and emit radiation in the thermal infrared band of the electromagnetic spectrum. The most important greenhouse gas, water vapor, drives the water cycle, which … more

  • Climate Change: Cool Clouds

    Recent reports show a discrepancy between model-estimated cloud cover and actual cloud observations. Considering the role of cloud cover in regulating Earth’s temperature, it’s important … more

  • Blame Wild Weather on Global Warming?

    You might have seen Fox News, Proof global warming isn't making weather wackier; April 30, 2012; more

  • Are Greenland's Glaciers Disappearing?

    You might have seen Yahoo! News, Greenland losing ice fast, but not runaway pace; May 3, 2012; more

  • Combating Climate Change

    Typical global warming discussions focus primarily on how to deal with carbon dioxide (CO2), which remains in the atmosphere for many decades. However, more immediate results arise when reducing … more

  • Climate Change: The Oceanic Thermostat

    While most of the debate focuses on atmospheric conditions, research shows that attention should be paid to the impact Earth’s oceans have on climate change. 


    Earth’s climate … more

  • How to Curb Warming

    Yahoo! News, "Scientists Say Cut Soot, Methane to Curb Warming" Jan 12, 2012; more

  • Save the Sharks!

    Just when you thought nothing could be more care-free than a day at the beach, Shark Week arrives. Beginning this Sunday, the Discovery Channel’s annual summer special will terrify and enthrall … more

  • Job, Paganism, and Trip to Home Depot

    It was supposed to be a five minute trip to Home Depot. Instead I spent the better part of an hour with a garden specialist discussing mulch, composting, and paganism. Wait, paganism?

    I joked about … more

  • Who’s Your Mommy?

    I grew up in the 70s: channeling Evel Knievel on my bike, carrying a Star Wars lunch box, and having some rather unfortunate encounters with bell-bottom pants. I’m sure I’m not alone in my … more