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General Apologetics

  • Why Would a Good God Create Parasites?

    Some skeptics base their rejection of the Christian faith on bugs-specifically parasites. They argue that the existence of parasites is incompatible with belief in the all-loving, all-powerful God of … more

  • Starting Points

    Sometimes the hardest part of dialoguing with nonbelievers involves finding a place to start. "Should I begin the discussion with an argument for the existence of God? Or, should I defend the … more

  • The Tricky Topic of Halloween

    Halloween is approaching, a time for many to stock up on candy, pick out costumes, and deck their halls with spooky decor. But is this extremely popular tradition (especially in the United States) the … more

  • Faith, Reason, and Personal Persuasion

    (1) "Is it necessary to leave reason and move to faith in order to embrace Christianity?" and (2) "If there are strong arguments in support of Christianity's actually being true, then why aren't more … more

  • More Than Intelligent Design

    They swim against the powerful tide of naturalism, and I applaud their efforts and integrity. At the same time, however, I sense a need to clarify a subtle but significant distinction between their … more

  • President's Laptop- April 2002

    Dear Friends,

    Prior to founding Reasons To Believe, one of my roles as a pastor was to train teams of volunteers to go door-to-door with the gospel. Most first-timers expected the worst—slammed … more

  • Apologetics Is What?

    by Ronald Nash

    During my travels, I speak to thousands of laypeople every year who seem uninformed about the subject of apologetics. When I report that one of the topics I teach and write books about … more

  • Let the Music Play

    by Timothy J. Peck

    The way some of my friends make sense of the big questions in life fascinates me. The method by which they process reality and make decisions about what is real and true often … more

  • Fantasy's Fertile Field

    by Celeste Allen

    Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars. The American public seems to be under siege from the world of fantasy. Once relegated to a small group of people stereotyped by an … more

  • "The Age of Earth"

    by Dr. J. P. Moreland

    Used with permission.

    This topic was addressed by Dr. Moreland during a lecture at Northshore Church in Everett, Washington on February 2, 2002.

    Now we know beyond … more

  • President's Laptop- January 2002

    Dear Friends,

    Many people believe that God limits His miracles to far off peoples and places and rare circumstances—if He still does them at all. Yet, I’ve witnessed miracles happening … more

  • A Comment on Humility Theology

    The anthropic principle faces serious challenges from outside the disciplines of astronomy and physics. Many scholars in the humanities and social sciences fear that the anthropic principle will … more

  • President's Laptop - October 2001- The Sneak Preview

    People often ask what motivates me (a quiet, peace-loving person) to keep going in a ministry that stirs up so much opposition. I persevere because I strongly believe God has called me to do what I … more

  • Take a Tip from Columbo

    by Gregory Koukl

    Have you ever taken a verbal beating when trying to talk about Jesus? If so, try this simple approach to stop challengers mid-punch and make them take a close look at their gloves. … more

  • An Infinity of Universes?

     Excerpted from The Creator and the Cosmos, 3d ed. (Colorado Springs: NavPress, 2001), 171-72.

    The weight of evidence for a divinely designed universe is now so overwhelming that it has forced … more

  • President's Laptop- April 2001

    Dear Friends,

    Perhaps you have come across (or heard about) the claim that I am a “danger” to evangelical Christianity, that I am part of the great deception of 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12. I … more

  • President's Laptop- January 2001

    Dear Friends,

    If you are old enough to read my words, you are experienced enough, I hope, to know that reading is not necessarily believing. My familiar exhortation to “test” truth claims … more

  • President's Laptop- October 2000

    Dear Friends,

    My first job as a pastor was to take survey teams door to door, asking people about the spiritual influences in their lives and inviting them to a Bible study in their neighborhood. To … more



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