Reasons to Believe

General Apologetics

  • Take a Tip from Columbo

    by Gregory Koukl

    Have you ever taken a verbal beating when trying to talk about Jesus? If so, try this simple approach to stop challengers mid-punch and make them take a close look at their gloves. … more

  • An Infinity of Universes?

     Excerpted from The Creator and the Cosmos, 3d ed. (Colorado Springs: NavPress, 2001), 171-72.

    The weight of evidence for a divinely designed universe is now so overwhelming that it has forced … more

  • President's Laptop- April 2001

    Dear Friends,

    Perhaps you have come across (or heard about) the claim that I am a “danger” to evangelical Christianity, that I am part of the great deception of 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12. I … more

  • President's Laptop- January 2001

    Dear Friends,

    If you are old enough to read my words, you are experienced enough, I hope, to know that reading is not necessarily believing. My familiar exhortation to “test” truth claims … more

  • President's Laptop- October 2000

    Dear Friends,

    My first job as a pastor was to take survey teams door to door, asking people about the spiritual influences in their lives and inviting them to a Bible study in their neighborhood. To … more



    Volume 21:1 - Summer, 1998 … more

  • President's Laptop - July 1999

    Dear Friends,

    Have you ever been bored in church or Sunday School? How about your kids? Yes, I have been and, yes, mine have been. I have to ask myself, “Why?” especially since God and … more

  • Barriers to Salvation

    Barriers that block people from committing themselves to Jesus Christ and accepting His gift of salvation appear to fall under three general categories: 1) self-imposed ignorance, 2) pride, and 3) … more

  • Scripture List on Time

    God, Humans, and Time

    Time has a beginning, but God operates outside of time. On the other hand, humans are confined to time.

    Psalm 139 "Where can I go from your Spirit?... All the days ordained … more

  • Cracking the Codes

    Books claiming to unlock secret codes embedded in the letters or words of the Bible have returned to the limelight.1-4 Such books are not new; they've appeared many times through the centuries. But … more

  • 10 Criticisms of the Bible Code


    The Bible Code (BC) is an alleged detectable code numerically derived from the letters of the Hebrew Old Testament text (especially the Torah).


    The biblical "code words" … more

  • Hugh Ross' Testimony

    My Search for Truth

    I was born in Montreal and raised in Vancouver, Canada. My parents were morally upright but non-religious. Our neighbors could also be described as non-religious. I did not know … more

  • Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

    Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit Scripture List

    Gen. 6:5 Ex. 7-14 Deut. 28:20 *1 Sam. 15:23

    Jer. 6:10, 16-17 Jer. 7:13-28 Jer. 9:5-6 Jer. 11:8

    John 8:24-27, 33 John 8:37-38, 40 *John … more

  • God's Mercy in Death

    1) the righteous (those submitted to God—all evil deeds are erased and forgotten and their reward is based on good deeds alone; 2) the wicked (those who are rebellious—all good deeds are … more

  • Biblical Forecasts of Scientific Discoveries

    Not only is the Bible filled with the fundamentals of science, but it is as much as 3,000 years ahead of its time. The Bible's statements in most cases directly contradicted the science of the day in … more

  • The Great Claims of Jesus

    The vast majority of the world's people recognize Jesus of Nazareth as a great moral teacher, perhaps even a prophet, but only a small percentage, as yet, accept Him as the Messiah, the "deliverer," … more