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  • Best Explanation Apologetics

    What is the best way to show that the historic Christian faith and worldview are true? Christian apologists through the centuries have taken different approaches, but a powerful method gaining … more

  • Quote of the Week: Michael Green

     "The evidence for the Christian case is very strong. Though incapable of compelling faith, it is quite sufficient to warrant it."

    --Michael Green, Runaway World (Downers Grove, IL: … more

  • New Frontiers in Christian Apologetics

    Biomimetics, or biologically inspired design, is an emerging discipline where scientists study designs from nature and adapt them to solve real-world problems. Some classic examples include … more

  • Serving up Sweet FAQs

    A casual dinner with my sister reminded me of one of her endearing (and enduring) traits—a penchant­ for sweets. You’d hardly believe it given her small frame, but she readily fesses … more

  • Top 10 Science-Faith Conversation Starters

    Tens of thousands of people are affected every day by this latest epidemic: the ironic hipster mustache. What may have begun as nothing more than a hairy badge for hipsters has transformed into a … more

  • Reviewing the Star of Bethlehem

    The star mentioned in Matthew 2 remains a favorite holiday topic. Many theories about this famous phenomenon exist, but The Star of Bethlehem, a DVD documentary produced by lawyer Rick Larson, has … more

  • A Pale Blue Dot of Incredible Importance

    One of astronomer Carl Sagan’s most popular contributions to the cultural vernacular is the idea that Earth is merely a “pale blue dot,” a seemingly insignificant dust particle in a … more

  • A Fresh Perspective on an Ancient Book

    Based on Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job

    If asked “What is the oldest book in the Bible?” would you answer Genesis? How about Job? In the arrangement of the Old Testament canon, Job … more

  • No Comfort at Comic-Con


    There he stood, perched on a box, shouting questions and clenching dollar bills. Curious San Diegans circled ‘round, eager to earn a buck in exchange for a correct answer.

    Comic-Con … more

  • A Match Made in Heaven

    I fret whenever I’m not home to make dinner for my husband, Darren. He sweetly assures me he can survive for one night without my culinary skills—after all, he did so before we married. … more

  • 5 Reasons God Exists

    View my YouTube presentation “5 Reasons God Exists.”

    If you visit this video on YouTube, please beware of the vulgar and ad hominem remarks left by certain skeptics. more

  • Interpreting Creation, Part 2: Science-Faith Models

    In part 1 of this four-part series on Reasons to Believe’s apologetics and hermeneutical methods I reviewed the different apologetics methods used by Christian leaders. I also explained why I … more