Reasons to Believe

General Apologetics

  • Exploring God’s World

    My husband and I were browsing in a rock-and-fossil shop when I overheard a woman grumbling about the plaques identifying the fossils as millions of years old. Clearly she was someone, perhaps a … more

  • Ants: Amazing Agents of Change

    Adapted from 10 Breakthroughs of 2014

    What land-dwelling creatures possess the greatest total mass on Earth today? The surprising answer: ants! These ubiquitous insects comprise 15–25 percent … more

  • Restless Longing Fulfilled

    As a young man, I experienced a deep sense of longing and restlessness. I sensed something was missing in my life. I lacked a specific overriding meaning or purpose—yet I had no clear idea what … more

  • Going for Global Impact

    Ministry collaboration has become an increasingly critical key to advancing Christ’s kingdom worldwide. Partnerships enhance effi ciency and cost-effectiveness and allow ministries to make good … more

  • Have Message, Will Travel

    Joy, relief, confidence, renewed passion for the faith––each of these and more characterizes reaction from first-time hearers of RTB’s message. That message resonated with global … more

  • Truth Seekers: Engaging Teens in Apologetics

    If I were to choose one word to describe the faith of today’s Christian youth, it would be fragile. Last fall I launched an apologetics club at my church to help buttress the faith of my … more

  • Family, Faith, and Apologetics

    On the way home from a fishing trip (no catching, just fishing), one of my sons asked, “Dad, how do we know that Christianity is correct and what people of other religions believe is not?” … more

  • Why We Need Apologetic Pastors, Part 2

    Guest article from Dr. Andrew Corbett, senior pastor at Legana Christian Church in Tasmania

    Each Sunday I have something to say to my congregation about the defense of our faith. In fact, I must say … more

  • Why We Need Apologetic Pastors, Part 1

    Guest article from Dr. Andrew Corbett, senior pastor at Legana Christian Church in Tasmania

    Tim Keller, senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, cautions, “If pastors … more

  • Fuz Rana shares his testimony on WORD FM

    Dr. Fazale (Fuz) Rana and John Hall discuss Fuz’s experience of discovering God through science as well as the parallel paths of the Christian life and Scientific work.

    This interview is uncut … more

  • A Life-Changing Conversation

    by Kathy Ross

    You could say my relationship with Hugh started with a Genesis question: “How do you, a scientist, interpret Genesis 1?”

    Hugh was a first-time visitor to the Bible study I … more

  • Personal Comments on God’s Not Dead

    The plot hinges on the response of a Christian freshman student, Josh, to the sneering challenge of his atheist philosophy professor, Dr. Radisson. On a positive note, I was pleased to see that Josh … more

  • “Son of God:” Representing the Bible on Screen

    With the release of the Jesus biopic Son of God in theatres last week, this is a great time to engage in a conversation with others about the historical basis of Jesus. For those of you considering … more

  • Why Build an Ark?

    Excerpted from chapter 18 of Navigating Genesis

    Depictions of giraffes, polar bears, kangaroos, and more all marching up the ramp of a big ship remain firmly fixed in most people’s minds when … more

  • 10 Commandments of Christian Scholarship, Part 2

    This week we’re continuing a list of 10 commandments to guide Christian scholarship, both in private and in public. Like the Decalogue of Exodus 20, the first four (or, at least, 31/2) … more

  • Farewell from Take Two

    Nearly five years ago, the two of us embarked on a journey to take what we’ve learned from the RTB scholars and apply it to our everyday lives—the ones filled with movies and comic … more

  • 10 Commandments of Christian Scholarship, Part 1

    How Christian apologists present evidence for the faith and respond to criticisms is as vital a component of apologetics as the way they think through issues surrounding the truth of Christianity. … more

  • Running the Race with Endurance

    The epidemic of obesity is giving rise to new frontiers of scientific research. Hugh Ross summarizes some of these innovative efforts in his article, “Taking Care of Gut Bacteria Helps Human … more

  • Exploring Archetype Design

    Darwinian evolution provides a broad framework for scientists to interpret the history of life. Without this organizing principle, scientists would struggle to interpret their data.

    This is why … more