Reasons to Believe

General Apologetics

  • “Son of God:” Representing the Bible on Screen

    With the release of the Jesus biopic Son of God in theatres last week, this is a great time to engage in a conversation with others about the historical basis of Jesus. For those of you considering … more

  • Why Build an Ark?

    Excerpted from chapter 18 of Navigating Genesis

    Depictions of giraffes, polar bears, kangaroos, and more all marching up the ramp of a big ship remain firmly fixed in most people’s minds when … more

  • 10 Commandments of Christian Scholarship, Part 2

    This week we’re continuing a list of 10 commandments to guide Christian scholarship, both in private and in public. Like the Decalogue of Exodus 20, the first four (or, at least, 31/2) … more

  • Farewell from Take Two

    Nearly five years ago, the two of us embarked on a journey to take what we’ve learned from the RTB scholars and apply it to our everyday lives—the ones filled with movies and comic … more

  • 10 Commandments of Christian Scholarship, Part 1

    How Christian apologists present evidence for the faith and respond to criticisms is as vital a component of apologetics as the way they think through issues surrounding the truth of Christianity. … more

  • Running the Race with Endurance

    The epidemic of obesity is giving rise to new frontiers of scientific research. Hugh Ross summarizes some of these innovative efforts in his article, “Taking Care of Gut Bacteria Helps Human … more

  • Exploring Archetype Design

    Darwinian evolution provides a broad framework for scientists to interpret the history of life. Without this organizing principle, scientists would struggle to interpret their data.

    This is why … more

  • Always Be Ready, Part Five

    Always Be Ready, Parts 1-4 were authored by Hugh Ross

    Our series continues with this report from RTB adjunct scholar Katie Galloway, who served on staff this past summer before starting her … more

  • Take Courage and Fear Not

    Winds buffeted the boat, and waves crashed against the hull. Although the storm hindered the boat’s progress across the lake, the capable sailors steadily gained ground. In the midst of the … more

  • “PEACE ON EARTH” through Peacemaking

    As conflict over the relationship between science and Genesis continues, scholars keep proposing new approaches to resolve it. Yet most, if not all, these approaches involve limiting either the … more

  • Always Be Ready, Part Four

    One reason for our choice of a name for this ministry is that it can, and often does, lead to questions and conversations. That’s what everyone connected with RTB comes to discover before long. … more

  • How Not to Handle the Creation-Evolution Debate

    A few weeks ago I found myself in a conversation with an atheist about evolution and creation. What I noticed in our interaction was that he was initially hesitant to admit his belief in evolution … more