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General Apologetics

  • 7 Common Myths about Old-Earth Creationism

    Sometimes being an apologist isn't just about defending the faith to unbelievers; sometimes it also includes explaining our doctrinal positions to other Christians. When I was homeschooling our … more

  • The Top 12 Reasons to Believe of 2015

    Quite a bit happened in 2015—Einstein’s theory was “disproved,” blood moons filled the sky, and op-eds showing a scientific case for God were printed in secular newspapers. All … more

  • Open Hearts Under Open Skies

    In hazy Southern California we’re lucky if we can spot more than ten stars on any given night (not counting airplanes). It wasn’t until my family went stargazing in the smogfree Sierra … more

  • Teach Us to Number Our Days

    962. That’s how many weeks parents usually have between a child’s birth and high school graduation.

    In Psalm 90:12, the poet asks God to “teach us to number our days, that we may … more

  • Women in Apologetics

    In a recent Christianity Today article titled “Meet the Women Apologists,” Melissa Cain Travis says, “The more women we have entering apologetics at the lay and academic levels, the … more

  • Interviews with Apologetics Difference Makers

    Over the lifetime of my former podcast, Straight Thinking, I had the opportunity to interview a plethora of scholars and scientists. Topics of discussion included science-faith issues, Christian … more

  • Dive into the Water of Life

    Summer is upon us—soon the kids in my neighborhood will be ambushing one another with water guns or playing “Marco Polo” in the community pool. My own daughter will be letting her … more

  • Nurturing the Life of the Mind in Our Children

    Wherever I talk with believers about the importance of the life of the mind, I am inevitably asked one question: How can I help my children value their intellectual development (the life of the mind) … more

  • Don’t Avoid the “E-Word”

    Evolution. It almost seems like a swear word in Christian circles. It certainly evokes strong feelings. Atheists often use evolution as a way to eliminate the need for God. Christians regularly … more

  • Stop and Smell the Primroses

    When I was a kid, my dad and I connected through a mutual love of wildflowers. One spring, Dad took the family camping in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, where we spent an afternoon hiking to a palm … more

  • Truth Is More Than a Feeling

    by Abdu MurrayAdapted from

    I recently met a woman who had been raised in a strong Christian home, but had given up any conviction that … more

  • Exploring God’s World

    My husband and I were browsing in a rock-and-fossil shop when I overheard a woman grumbling about the plaques identifying the fossils as millions of years old. Clearly she was someone, perhaps a … more

  • Ants: Amazing Agents of Change

    Adapted from 10 Breakthroughs of 2014

    What land-dwelling creatures possess the greatest total mass on Earth today? The surprising answer: ants! These ubiquitous insects comprise 15–25 percent … more

  • Restless Longing Fulfilled

    As a young man, I experienced a deep sense of longing and restlessness. I sensed something was missing in my life. I lacked a specific overriding meaning or purpose—yet I had no clear idea what … more

  • Going for Global Impact

    Ministry collaboration has become an increasingly critical key to advancing Christ’s kingdom worldwide. Partnerships enhance effi ciency and cost-effectiveness and allow ministries to make good … more

  • Have Message, Will Travel

    Joy, relief, confidence, renewed passion for the faith––each of these and more characterizes reaction from first-time hearers of RTB’s message. That message resonated with global … more