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Galaxy Design

  • Presolar Galactic Merger

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    An American astronomer discovers a possible new design feature that would explain how Earth received the elements it needed for the eventual support … more

  • Dim Central Black Hole

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    A new discovery describing the structure of our Milky Way galaxy’s core reveals evidence for cosmic design. A requirement for life’s … more

  • Galactic Spurs and Feathers

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    Astronomers have discovered additional galactic design characteristics. A requirement for human life is that the home galaxy maintain a stable … more

  • New Clues to a Genesis Mystery

    The biblical record of patriarchs who lived 900+ years has raised questions and doubts for centuries. In the context of current life expectancy (which places me on the brink of “senior … more

  • Seyfert Galaxies

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    A new galaxy survey affirms RTB’s biblical cosmic creation model. Our Milky Way Galaxy is well protected for life because it lacks … more

  • Dwarf Spiral Galaxies

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    X-NONE … more

  • New Atlas of Spiral Galaxies

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    Astronomers used the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph to confirm that spiral galaxies indeed have lower mass black holes in their nuclei than do … more

  • Intergalactic Gas Clouds

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    Japanese astronomers discover a new design feature: the number, sizes, and average longevity of intergalactic hydrogen gas clouds in the Local Group … more

  • Astroseismic Tests of Stellar Models

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    Complementing the results from satellite observatories that are studying the seismology of the sun, a team of astronomers has collected 21 years … more

  • Gamma Rays Burst Biological Evolution

    The energy released during a gamma ray burst strains the imagination. With the power of 10 billion billion suns, gamma ray bursts are the most brilliant photon emitters in the universe. By comparison, … more

  • Fine-Tuning for Life on Earth (JUNE 2002)

    © 2002 Reasons To Believe

    Evidence for the Fine-Tuning of the Galaxy-Sun-Earth-Moon System for Life Support

    The environmental requirements for life to exist depend quite strongly on the life … more

  • Probabilities for Life on Earth (JUNE 2002)

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    An Estimate of the Probability for Attaining the Necessary Parameters for Life Support1-85


    Probability that feature will Fall in the required … more

  • Fine-Tuning for Life in the Universe (JUNE 2002)

    © 2002 Reasons To Believe

    For physical life to be possible in the universe, several characteristics must take on specific values, and these are listed below.1 In the case of several of these … more

  • Rare Sun

    by Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez

    How often have you heard that “the Sun is just an average star?” If you’ve watched many TV documentaries or read introductory astronomy books, chances are … more

  • Anthropic Principle: A Precise Plan for Humanity

    Human beings climb. Always have, always will. First hills, then mountains, then pinnacles so high they're called "death zones." That's as high as legs could carry them, but not high enough. So people … more

  • A Comment on Humility Theology

    The anthropic principle faces serious challenges from outside the disciplines of astronomy and physics. Many scholars in the humanities and social sciences fear that the anthropic principle will … more

  • Black Holes, Singularities, and Wormholes

    From a realistic rather than science fiction perspective, the wormhole question is moot. Since black holes are relatively rare, the probability that the singularities of two spatially distant black … more

  • Metal Matters

    Uranium and thorium play a vital role in the plate tectonics and volcanism of planets. Consequently, the amount of these two metallic elements influences the ability of any planet to support advanced … more

  • Aliens From Another World? Getting Here From There

    Growing numbers of UFO and ETI cults, some overtly religious, others with the pretense of purely scientific endeavor, preach their own message of salvation for the human race, a message that directly … more