Reasons to Believe

First Life on Earth

  • Earliest Direct Evidence of Life

    In his book Origins of Life, Dr. Fazale Rana reviews the extensive indirect evidence for the appearance of primitive life on Earth as early as 3.5 billion years ago (bya), with some indications that … more

  • Too Hot to Handle

    Genetic Code Indicates that Life Did Not Originate at High Temperatures

    My father—who was from India—loved hot, spicy foods. In fact, he was quite proud of his ability to eat food that … more

  • Why We Need to Return to the Moon

    The Apollo missions were more than just television spectaculars, however. The Apollo program helped us solve the mystery of the moon’s origin and helped establish how amazingly designed the moon … more

  • Creation Model Passes Big Test

    This past fall I took part in a pro football "pick'em" contest. For readers unfamiliar with this game, let me explain that the contestants demonstrate their football "smarts" by predicting the outcome … more

  • Bacteria's Long Reign

    Why do stars twinkle? Why does God sometimes seem silent? Some “why” questions are more elusive than others.

    When presented with RTB’s biblical creation model people often ask, … more

  • Telltale Rocks

    Research conducted by scientists from Denmark and Australia has uncovered new evidence for the metabolic complexity of early life on Earth.1 This team studying 3.5-billion-year-old rocks from … more

  • New Evidence for Life's Rapid Origin

    Recent research indicates that the Moon suffered intense asteroid and meteoroid bombardment impacting its entire surface some 3.9 billion years ago.1, 2 Because of the Moon’s proximity to Earth … more