Reasons to Believe

Extrasolar Planets

  • Earth-like Planet Discovered

    The news media is abuzz with the recent discovery of a new exoplanet (planet orbiting a star other than our Sun). It is the most Earth-like of any of the more than 200 planets detected so far (see … more

  • Location! Location! Location!

    Either a beachfront home or a secluded mountain ranch costs far more than a house in suburbia. A secluded mountain ranch with a beachfront on the other hand—now that would be valuable property. … more

  • Designed to Shake

    My family lives in one of the fastest-rising neighborhoods in the nation—not economically, but topographically. Our home rises by an average of 9 millimeters (1/3 inch) per year. Sometimes the … more

  • Water and Tectonic Activity

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    A greater understanding of geophysics provides further evidence that a habitable planet must have water to facilitate the necessary geological … more

  • Exoplanets Lack Water

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    The first spectral observations of extrasolar planets provide additional support that the solar system was designed to support life. From a … more

  • Planet-Formation Constraints in Binary Systems

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    Greater understanding of a young star cluster highlights the fine-tuning required to form a habitable planet. Most stars similar in size to the sun … more

  • More Difficulties Forming Planets

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    As scientists learn how planets form, their simulations continue to provide evidence buttressing RTB’s claim that a supernatural Creator … more

  • Fine-tuning in Planet Formation

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    As planetary scientists study planet-formation processes, their research shows the difficulties in forming planetary systems with life-supporting … more

  • Habitable Planets Rarer than Originally Thought

    Tradesmen get a lot of business from people who start projects that appear simple. ("How hard can it be to install a new shower?") What initially looks like a straightforward task ends up requiring … more

  • More Constraints on Habitable Planet Locations

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    Properties of ultraviolet (UV) radiation further constrain the location of habitable planets, illuminating additional design in the solar system. A … more

  • Binary Stars Tend to Eject Planets

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    Studies of planetary system dynamics affirm the fine-tuning demonstrated in the solar system, which, in turn, points to supernatural design. … more

  • Potential to Detect Extrasolar Comets

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    Scientists are designing a telescope capable of directly imaging extrasolar earth-like planets, and their efforts will likely yield more evidence … more

  • Another Extrasolar Comet Cloud

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    New measurements by astronomers provide yet another refutation of a recent young-earth creationist prediction that large distant reservoirs of … more

  • Extrasolar Planets Update

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    American astronomers have found more evidence that the solar system is uniquely designed for the support of life. The team discovered five new … more

  • Discovery of New Extrasolar Planets

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    A recent announcement that astronomers had discovered small rocky planets like Earth—with the implication that life-supportable planets are … more