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Extrasolar Planets

  • Would Discovering Aliens Disprove Christianity?

    According to the popular narrative, Copernicus’s assertion that the Earth orbited the Sun started a relentless process of scientific discovery serving to remove any thought that humanity occupied a … more

  • Orbiting a Binary Star

    It’s an iconic scene from Star Wars. Luke Skywalker’s family just acquired two droids with knowledge of the rebellion. While cleaning them, he discovers a distress message that only fuels his desire … more

  • Is Earth Really an Early Bird?

    If humans represent the crown jewel of God’s creation, why did it take billions of years for us to come into the picture? Many people raise this question as an objection to God’s … more

  • Searching for Earth 2.0

    “NASA Finds Earth-like Kepler-452b: Discovery May Help Prove We’re Not Alone”

    “What’s Life like on Kepler-452b? A Little like This, Maybe?”

    “NASA Finds … more

  • A Recap of Unexpected Exoplanet Finds

    As the list of known exoplanets continues to grow (almost 1,800 entries at present), the data indicate that most stars play host to planets—this means tens of billions of planets exist in the … more

  • Exoplanets: What Does Habitable Mean?

    “INCONCEIVABLE!” So repeats the great Vizzini in The Princess Bride to his companions Inigo Montoya and Fezzik. Finally, Inigo replies, “You keep using that word. I do not think it … more

  • Thank God for the Solar System’s Asteroid Belts

    Our solar system possesses five belts of asteroids and comets.

    the Main Belt (between Mars and Jupiter)

    the Centaurs (between Jupiter and Neptune)

    the Scattered Belt (extends from just outside … more

  • 3 Surprising New Exoplanet Finds

    The Christmas season usually brings the arrival of presents. Although I have few real needs, I enjoy opening these gifts. Mainly, the anticipation of what the gift might contain causes my excitement. … more

  • Diamond Planets not Life Candidates

    You might have seen- Yahoo! News, Diamond Planets Likely Dry and Inhospitable for Alien Life, more

  • Podcast Highlight: A Treasure Chest of Discoveries

    The month of July has been chock-full of scientific breakthroughs. RTB’s flagship podcast, Science News Flash (SNF), seeks to address some of these headline-grabbing discoveries and evaluate … more