Reasons to Believe


  • Mites Take a Bite Out of Evolution

    The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day holds special significance for our family. It is the time of the year we clean and re-organize our garage. It has become a family tradition that no … more

  • Podcast Highlight: The Elephant in the Room

    Does the elephant’s sixth “toe” represent an example of common descent or common design? Recent extensive research, using modern technologies, weighs in on a centuries-long debate … more

  • 25 Years, 25 Reasons to Believe - Fazale Rana

    Fuz Rana’s Top Five Reasons

    1. “Bad designs” turn out to be good. Biological systems that seem poorly designed present a significant challenge to the case for design. Why would an … more

  • Convergence Drives Evolution Batty

    There are probably well over 1,000 species of bats in the world, only three of which feed on blood. (All of these blood suckers live in Latin America.) Moreover, relatively few wild bats harbor … more

  • Enzyme Convergence Taxes Evolutionary Paradigm

    No one likes to pay taxes. Though necessary for our government to operate, they still represent an unpleasant financial burden.

    Similarly, widespread convergence observed in the biological and … more

  • Convergence in Catfish Venomous for Evolution

    New Research Raises Questions about Evolution, Supports Intelligent Design 

    While working for Procter & Gamble, I was involved in a project that required me to travel frequently to a … more

  • Great Minds Think Alike, but Evolution Doesn't

    Inability to Generate Repeated Evolutionary Outcomes in the Lab Undermines Evolutionary Paradigm

    Great minds think alike, so the saying goes. There is some truth to this old adage. When several … more

  • Design of Bird Brains for Long Migrations

    Many migrating birds fly all night long. Some fly nonstop across huge ecological barriers like the Gulf of Mexico. For decades, biologists have wondered how these creatures can survive the severe … more

  • Flightless Birds Run Down Evolution

    Newly Discovered Example of Convergence Challenges Biological Evolution

    Lately, my wife has had trouble hanging onto cell phones. Within the span of two weeks she lost not one cell phone, but two. … more

  • Inability to Repeat the Past Dooms Evolution

    Philosopher George Santayana, an important intellectual at the turn of the last century, produced a number of influential philosophical works. Ironically, few people know about his philosophy. … more

  • Déjá vu—Again, Part 2 of 2

    Newly Discovered Example of Convergence Challenges Biological Evolution

    I love TiVo. It’s a lot of fun to pause live TV (particularly when the big game is on), rewind it, and play it back … more

  • Déjá vu—Again, Part 1 of 2

    Newly Discovered Example of Convergence Challenges Biological Evolution

    “It’s like déjá vu all over again.” This expression, attributed to Hall of Fame catcher Yogi … more

  • Salamander Study Challenges Evolutionary Theory

    If one were to push the rewind button, erase life’s history and let the tape run again, the results would be completely different. So goes evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould’s … more