Reasons to Believe

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  • The Dark Side

    Choosing not to believe in the devil won’t protect you from him.

    -Father Lucas

    Four years of seminary and one step from becoming a priest, Michael reveals he doesn’t believe in God. … more

  • Welcome to Reflections

    In a profound sense we are what we think.

    The Christian worldview highly values logic and rationality, which find their source in God. As the only creatures made in the image of God (Genesis … more

  • A Take Two Christmas

    O Christmas Tree!

    Used in both secular and religious festivities, Christmas trees have become a ubiquitous holiday symbol. (The modern Christmas tree originated in sixteenth-century Germany.) … more

  • Exit the Dragon: A Look at the Dawn Treader


    What does an enemy look like? Take a second to picture it—someone who snarls and gripes, maybe even cuts others down with … more

  • Christmas Controversies

    The weekend following Thanksgiving, my husband and I decked the halls of our apartment with wreaths, garland, and a Nativity scene. And next week, we’ll drag home a heavenly scented Douglas fir … more

  • Let Us Pray...and Ask Questions

    “It’s time to Stump the Scholar!” Six little words that strike fear into the hearts of Hugh, Fuz, Ken, Jeff, and Dave at the end of each I Didn’t Know That! podcast. Although … more

  • Fearless Faith

    It rained on Wednesday—I could tell because I spotted at least five cars stopped along the freeway (and one right in the middle lane). Rain does something to Southern California … more

  • Back to the Future, Part 12 (of 12)

    All Christians have dual citizenships. They are members of two kingdoms or cities: the city of man (the present, temporal age) and the city of God (the future, eternal age).

    Faithful citizenship … more

  • Back to the Future, Part 11 (of 12)

    Effective Christian evangelistic and apologetics encounters depend upon skeptics viewing Christ’s followers as credible witnesses. As bearers of the Gospel, Christians need to be perceived as … more

  • Back to the Future, Part 10 (of 12)

    You Don’t Know Jack, a recent HBO movie starring Al Pacino, tells the story of right-to-die activist Dr. Jack Kevorkian, popularly referred to as “Dr. Death.” In the 1990s, Kevorkian … more

  • Back to the Future, Part 9 (of 12)

    I don’t think there’s World War II movie I haven’t seen. In fact, I have a “favorite war movies list” and more than 50 of them are about the Second World War.

    The most … more

  • Balancing with Jeff

    MB: How did you get involved with RTB?

    JZ: My first contact with RTB was back in the late 1980s when I heard Hugh Ross speak at Iowa State University. It was the first time I realized it was possible … more

  • Blog of the Living Dead

    I love zombies. Always have. As kids, my brother (also a big fan of zombies) and I would gurgle lines from classic zombie films and record them as the outgoing message for our answering machine. Our … more

  • Back to the Future, Part 8 (of 12)

    My recent visit to Australia gave me a new perspective on the historic Christian eschatological expression “Already, but not yet.” The flight back to Southern California took 12 hours. I … more

  • Back to the Future, Part 7 (of 12)

    Reasons To Believe’s apologetics ministry outreaches provide me with great opportunities to visit a variety of different denominational churches, both in America and in other nations. One rule I … more