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  • How to be Great

    Through my career as a scientist, not only has the science itself provided validation for the Christian faith, but also life’s “little” lessons while doing science.

    Not long after … more

  • The Freedom of Letting Go

    Scientific discoveries and their theological implications always fascinate me, but sometimes it’s the Scripture-validating everyday human experiences that confirm the Bible’s divine … more

  • Uniqueness of Human Capacity to Express Malice

    One of the cornerstone doctrines of the Christian faith is that humans alone among all life-forms on Earth are sinners. According to the Bible, all humans and only humans are born with the propensity … more

  • Cover It Up!

    As a scientist it can be tempting to take credit where it’s undeserved or avoid blame where it’s deserved. In that vein, some of the most obvious reasons to believe in the validity of the … more

  • Originality

    It was almost 37 years ago that I was working as a radio astronomer in Holland, preparing a paper that I was to present at a meeting of the International Astronomical Union taking place that year in … more

  • Intellectual Repentance, Part 6 of 6

    Last week I ended by stating that Paul does not use arguments that appeal to human wisdom. Let me say again, however, that I do not think Paul is claiming he never makes intellectual arguments when … more

  • Intellectual Repentance, Part 5 of 6

    As we approach the end of our series on intellectual repentance, we continue to follow the apostle Paul’s admonition. Paul explains in the next several verses of his letter (1 Corinthians … more

  • Intellectual Repentance, Part 4 of 6

    Continuing our discussion from last week, in the next few verses (2:6-8) of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, we find him giving a contrast between God’s wisdom and human wisdom. … more

  • Intellectual Repentance, Part 3 of 6

    Last week I made the claim that Paul’s goal (in 1 Corinthians 2:1-4) was not just to convince people’s minds but to get into hearts, and convince the conscience. This becomes apparent … more

  • Intellectual Repentance, Part 2 of 6

    Continuing from last week, perusing 1 Corinthians 2:1-4 we notice that Paul chose not to come to them “with superiority of speech or of wisdom.”

    1And when I came to you, brethren, I … more

  • Intellectual Repentance, Part 1 of 6

    Back when I was a graduate student at Caltech, the Christian fellowship group of which I was a part invited several outside speakers to address us (and anyone else on campus who was interested) on a … more

  • The Sky Is Falling!

    You're used to it by now. Bad-news-for-the-Christian-faith stories seem to break with purposeful, timely precision. Assaults on Christianity are nothing new, but what's an appropriate response when … more

  • Long Way to Go to Foster a Culture of Life

    One of the most important measures on the ballot (at least from my perspective) was almost lost in the coverage of the recent California elections. The Los Angeles Times buried it on page A32 (Nov. … more

  • Introducing Average Joe's Corner

    Let me guess. You like science apologetics and you know it's important, but sometimes you wish the cookies were placed on the lower shelf. I'm right there with you--an average person (by "average" I … more

  • Support for Biblical View of Marriage

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

     Scientific data verifies what the Author of the Bible knew millennia ago—marriage promotes prosperity. The first human relationship … more

  • Why the Universe Is the Way It Is

    From a naturalistic perspective, the pain, death, decay, and evil that humans and all life experience serve no real purpose. They simply are the consequence of a random set of cosmic coincidences that … more

  • The Tricky Topic of Halloween

    Staying Connected

    October 2004

    What It's All About

    You've Got Mail!

    Inside the Mailbox

    Christmas in October?!

    The Tricky Topic of Halloween

    Mobilizing Ambassadors

    Adam: Miracle, Myth … more

  • President's Laptop- April 2002

    Dear Friends,

    Prior to founding Reasons To Believe, one of my roles as a pastor was to train teams of volunteers to go door-to-door with the gospel. Most first-timers expected the worst—slammed … more

  • President's Laptop- January 2002

    Dear Friends,

    Many people believe that God limits His miracles to far off peoples and places and rare circumstances—if He still does them at all. Yet, I’ve witnessed miracles happening … more