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  • Christ Calls All Christians to Unity

    The other day, I heard a couple of my colleagues discussing the similarities and differences in the major Abrahamic religions’ views of God. How similar and dissimilar is the Christian God from the … more

  • 3 Qualities that Draw People to Ask about Our Faith

    Most Christians want their light to shine among other people, to serve as a signpost to the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. But just how does a believer go about being a good witness? … more

  • How Can We Reconcile in a Way That Lasts?

    The Bible has a lot to say about reconciliation. Christians, for example, are called to be ambassadors for reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18–20). Now, a scientific study is affirming what the … more

  • The Crowd Roared: Christian Reflections on Fame

    Recently, I went to a Lakers game with family and friends, and I came away with a philosophical reflection. I noticed that every time Lakers star Kobe Bryant touched the ball, scored a basket, or even … more

  • The Insatiable Search for Peace and Rest

    Human beings were made for God (Psalm 100:3, Acts 17:26–27), but something has gone deeply wrong. Sin has cut us off from our Creator and left us out-of-sync with each other and ourselves. Under … more

  • 5 Levels of Christian Faith

    We often use the word “faith” to describe the core of someone’s beliefs—but people of differing religions use the term in very different ways. This has challenged me to more … more

  • Risen and What Makes a Good Christian Film

    Christian filmmakers are on a roll. The last several years have brought us an increasing number of religious films, many bordering on mainstream and featuring globally recognized stars. But among the … more

  • 3 Timeless Books on Christianity

    When I get a little money, I buy books. And if there is any left over, I buy food. —Desiderius Erasmus, Dutch Renaissance scholar and theologian

    Reading books has been an obsession of mine … more

  • Answering FAQs on Vaccine Safety

    My previous article titled "Vaccine Safety and Loving Our Neighbors" generated some ardent reader responses. In this follow-up article I would like to acknowledge and address many of these responses, … more

  • Five Movies to Make You Think in 2016

    Why do you go to the movies? For many, it’s for entertainment. Movies certainly possess a remarkable ability to make us laugh and cry. Others go to the movies to escape from the pressures and … more

  • The Benefits of Giving Thanks

    Realizing our moment-by-moment dependence on God the Creator for our very existence makes it appropriate to live lives of devotion, commitment, gratitude, and loyalty toward him, and scandalous not … more

  • A Church’s Hospitality Has Power to Persuade

    As my friends and family know, I’m clearly an introvert. Growing up, I struggled with shyness, and even today I’m still more at ease among books than I am among people. Upon reflection, I … more

  • The Many Faces of Courage

    I have heard it said that the only thing warriors fear more than death is cowardice. I have been thinking about the meaning of courage for a long time. When I was a boy I wondered how my ordinary … more