Reasons to Believe

Cambrian Explosion

  • Ode to Oxygen

    My seventh-grade science teacher asked the class to list “the three most essential needs of human life.” The “correct” answer—water, food, and sleep—illustrates how … more

  • Biodiversity Peaked Early

    In 2001 an international “dream team” of twenty-five leading paleontologists representing more than fifteen institutions completed the first stage in assembling a massive database of … more

  • Extinct Shell Fish Speaks Today

    A recent study of Isoxys (marine crustacean) fossils from the Maotianshan Shale of China provides important new evidence for creation. The study reveals that a complex and expansive ecology existed in … more

  • The Explosive Appearance of Skeletal Designs

    A team of scientists from Franklin & Marshall College (in Pennsylvania), the University of Chicago, and the American Museum of Natural History in New York City has recently reported a new measure … more

  • Cambrian Flash

    From two independent teams of paleontologists working in Yunnan, China, comes powerful support for the creation model and at the same time comes further serious challenge to the naturalistic model for … more