Reasons to Believe

Biochemical Design

  • Bacteria: Ordered and Organized

    Latest Discoveries Highlight the Exquisite Molecular Arrangement of Simplest Life

    Spring will soon be upon us. It’s the time of year when a young man’s fancy turns to love (or baseball, … more

  • Little Motors, Big Designer

    As a student I came across the humorous definition of a nuclear physicist as one who was “learning more and more about less and less, until finally he knew everything about nothing.” In … more

  • A Biochemical Watch Found in a Cellular Heath

    Kai ABC Proteins Re-invigorate the Watchmaker Argument for God’s Existence

    My first inclination would be to keep the watch. But, I would like to think that after the initial excitement of … more

  • Pairing Up on the Dance Floor

    Imagine jostling and bumping your way around a crowded dance floor. The lights are low and the music is loud. You are trying to connect with a blind date. And all you have to go on is the person's … more

  • Junk DNA: A Problem for the Evolutionary Paradigm?

    New Discoveries Raise Questions about Molecular Evolution

    One of the most significant challenges to the Christian faith comes from the problem of evil. If God is all-powerful, all-knowing and … more

  • Junk DNA Regulates Gene Expression

    unk DNA Plays an Important Role in Development

    My wife enjoys looking for antiques (and, to my horror, buying them.) For Amy, antiques are priceless treasures. From my standpoint, these relics from … more

  • Natural Nucleobase Synthesis?

    The replicating molecules of life (DNA and RNA) are composed of different nucleobase molecules linked together by phosphates and five-carbon sugars. Without the nucleobase molecules the replicating … more

  • Overlapping Genes Evince Intelligent Design

    DNA Researchers Uncover Evidence that Overlapping Genes Are Widespread in Mammal Genomes

    I have never cared much for puzzles, but I know some people can't get enough of them. (Although admittedly, … more

  • Another Survey Question: Homosexuality

    A recent LA Times article titled 3 Former Leaders of Ex-Gay Ministry Apologize described the "wrenching human toll conversion efforts" rued by several former leaders of Exodus International. … more

  • More on the Nucleoskeletal Hypothesis

    Study of Sexual Parasite Reveals Function for Junk DNA

    Cell biologists believe that in addition to housing genetic information, DNA plays a skeletal role in the nucleus; the more DNA in the nucleus, … more

  • The Genetic Code: Simply the Best

    I am often asked what I think to be the best argument for intelligent design. From my vantage point as a biochemist, it's the genetic code. Recently published research adds to my conviction.

    The … more

  • What is a Code?

    As kids we had great fun passing handwritten notes to each other across the classroom. The challenge was to avoid the teacher’s detection. The more "sophisticated" among us would convert them … more

  • Are Pseudogenes Junk?

    Evolutionary biologists regard “junk” DNA as one of the most potent pieces of evidence for biological evolution. Often identical (or nearly identical) segments of junk DNA occur in a wide … more

  • Is Junk DNA Evidence for Biological Evolution?

    Long Terminal Repeats Function as Promoters for the NAIP Gene in Mammals

    Both Christians and skeptics alike expect superior designs to exist throughout nature if, indeed, the all-powerful, … more

  • New Discovery Pumps Up Evidence for Design

    Nobody likes an infection. Most illnesses caused by bacteria present little more than a nuisance easily treated with a few doses of antibiotics. But some infections can be life-threatening and require … more

  • Those Amazing Molecular Motors

    In my undergraduate course in biology at Caltech in the late 1950s, a cell was understood simply as a variety of chemical reactions going on inside a tiny test tube.1 Now, 50 years later, scientists … more

  • Biochemists Ask, "How Low Can Life Go?"

    "How low can you go?" This familiar call challenges limbo dancers to maneuver their way under a stick held ever closer to the ground. Some biochemists have taken part in a stick dance of their own. … more