Reasons to Believe

Big Bang

  • In Search of the First Stars

    The scientific enterprise exists to explain the world in which we live. Models provide the framework for building and testing those explanations. While any legitimate model must explain the relevant … more

  • Defusing the Antimatter Bomb

    We’ve seen these plot devices repeated throughout the action/adventure genre. Obviously, the climaxes of popcorn flicks are rife with scientific inaccuracies. It drives my wife crazy when I … more

  • Another Dwarf Galaxy Test of Big Bang Cosmology

    Recent astronomical research has accounted for a "missing galaxies problem" and thereby buttressed the notion of a cosmic creation event according to what the Bible has taught for centuries1. This … more

  • Pulsars in Ultracompact Binaries

    Two of the strongest and most compelling scientific evidences for the biblically predicted big bang creation model1 include the continuous expansion of the universe and the reliability of Einstein's … more

  • Glimpse Before Big Bang Possible

    Source:, "Glimpse Before Big Bang Possible," by Clara Moskowitz, January 13, 2009 more

  • Solving the "First Stars" Problem

    My first experience with publishing recently culminated with the release of Who’s Afraid of the Multiverse? The process required numerous editors inspecting my writing, making improvements, … more

  • A Dark Galaxy: Finding the "Missing" Dark Stuff

    Many independent sets of observations confirm that only about six percent of all the ordinary matter (neutrons and protons) in the universe is made up of stars and stellar remnants.1The other 94 … more

  • Gravitational Lens Test for Creation

    Yet multiple Bible passages1 described this cosmic feature—making a bold scientific prediction—more than 2,400 years previous to its discovery.

    While astronomers have developed many tests … more

  • The Difficulties of Testing String Theory

    “Test everything. Hold on to the good.” This biblical passage underscores a central principle of the scientific enterprise. Any successful model must undergo testing that will either … more

  • Thoughts on the Big Bang

    Controversy surrounds the big bang theory in both the scientific community and the Christian community. Some scientists reject it because it makes the universe “too young” (for evolution), … more

  • General Relavity Passes Another Test

    Part of my attraction to gamma-ray astronomy relates to the types of objects it observes. My graduate research focused on an object called Markarian 421. It is an active galactic nucleus (AGN) located … more

  • How Does WMAP Continue to Produce New Results?

    “Still going….Nothing outlasts the Energizer.” Almost anyone who has watched TV in the last decade is familiar with the Energizer Bunny. The bunny continues to pound away without … more

  • Dark Matter Ropes Confirm Big Bang Cosmology

    Dark matter and dark energy. Together they compose over 95% of the stuff in the universe. Observations conclusively demonstrate that both exist. Yet scientists have little idea what they actually are. … more