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Big Bang

  • Honing in on Dark Energy Design

    Increasingly accurate measurements of the quantity and character of dark energy provide an ever-stronger case for the supernatural design of the universe for the benefit of life and human beings in … more

  • A Flat Universe After All

    Flatness can be good or bad. Flat champagne or a flat tire is not good. On the other hand, everybody seems to want a flat stomach.

    Many astronomers yearn for a flat universe. In fact, they’ve … more

  • TNRTB Classic: Big Bang Cosmology

    On Monday I discussed a recent discovery that boosts confidence in the big bang theory. Numerous tests of increasingly detailed aspects continue to affirm the model and, thus, give scientists a good … more

  • Gas Clouds Found Sans Metals

    The ability of a model’s predictions to match observations helps scientists evaluate that model’s validity. Even if most of the data match, a few key discrepancies between predictions and … more

  • TNRTB Classic: More Standard Candles

    Earlier this week I discussed the newly discovered advantages of using active galactic nuclei as standard candles for improving precision cosmology. In the past, other standard candles have helped … more

  • Active Galactic Nuclei: A New Standard Candle

    A team of four astronomers has discovered an accurate luminosity distance-measuring tool using active galactic nuclei (AGNs). This tool extends precision cosmology into the first five billion years of … more

  • Learning to Love the Big Bang

    Message Outline

    Autobiographical testimony

    Young-earth creationist by default

    Turmoil over incompatibility of faith and science

    Reconciliation of faith and science

    How we can spread the word … more

  • The Historic Alliance of Christianity and Science

    I wrote this article when I first came to work for Reasons To Believe in 1998.

    Influential British mathematician-philosopher Bertrand Russell once remarked, “I am as firmly convinced that … more

  • Putting Cosmic Creation to the Test

    Thanks to an avalanche of astronomical discoveries made over the past five decades, we now know that the Bible, despite being written thousands of years ago, is correct in all its descriptions of the … more

  • Scientists Re-create Big Bang in Lab

    Yahoo! News, "Scientists Re-create Big Bang in Lab," Nov 8, 2010,; more

  • QUaD Confirms Biblical Creation Model

    Data collected by a team of 31 astronomers known as the QUaD Collaboration has strengthened the biblically predicted big bang creation model.1 QUaD is an acronym for QUEST at DASI. It’s a … more