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Big Bang

  • Strengthening the Case for Firstborn Stars

    In a previous article, I described how a key feature of the biblically predicted big bang creation model is its deduction that the firstborn stars will initially be comprised of just three elements: … more

  • Finding the Firstborn Stars

    The big bang creation model—which the Bible uniquely described thousands of years before any astronomer did—predicts a hierarchy in star formation. Since the big bang creation event … more

  • Cosmic Inflation: It Really Happened

    In March 2014, a South Pole research team reported that BICEP2 had detected gravitational waves and definitively proved that the universe experienced hyper-expansion (an inflation event) when it was … more

  • Has the Big Bang Gone Bust?

    Did the universe begin to exist or has it always existed? RTB argues that strong biblical and scientific evidence point to a beginning. We would say the Bible claims that the universe began to exist … more

  • New Evidence Challenges the Big Bang Theory

    An exciting dialogue comes together with Unbelievable? host Justin Brierley, Dr. Jeff Zweerink, and Phil Halper. Listen in as Zweerink and Halper offer contrasting views on the origin of the universe, … more

  • Thoughts on “The Principle”

    Is humanity special? If so, how would we know? I am willing to wager that everyone has given some thought to one or both of these questions. One thing the history of science demonstrates is that … more

  • Have Quantum Physicists Disproved the Big Bang?

    Since February 10, the media have been abuzz with the story that two quantum physicists have “corrected” Einstein’s theory of general relativity to demonstrate that the big bang … more

  • Q&A: How Do You Envision the Big Bang?

    From Calvin Staats in British Columbia (submitted via Facebook):

    As far as I know the big bang has only been defined or thought of as an expansion or explosion of all matter from a singularity. Do … more

  • No Bad Flare Days for the Sun

    For me, every day is a good hair day because I don’t have much hair to worry about. Likewise, astronomers are discovering that because our Sun experiences so few really intense flares, virtually … more

  • Thor and the Beginning of the Universe

    In continuation of the Marvel Comics movie franchise, Thor: The Dark World hit theatres this autumn. As Thor is my personal favorite of the Avengers heroes, I went to see the film for the sheer … more

  • Calibrating Cosmic Candles

    Just about a week ago, in the spirit of Independence Day, I watched an impressive set of fireworks from one-and-a-half miles away. I know the distance because sound travels one mile in just over five … more

  • Bulk Flow Galaxy Test Affirms the Big Bang

    Why do scientists repeatedly test whether the big bang model for the origin of the universe is correct? Efforts to escape the Christian implications of the big bang—namely, that the universe has … more