Reasons to Believe

Biblical Evidence for an Old Earth

  • Tolman's Elegant Test

    The cosmic characteristic most extensively described in the Bible is the ongoing expansion of the universe.1 No other holy book of the world's religions describes this feature, nor was it anticipated … more

  • Radiometric Dating - A Christian Perspective

    Dr. Wiens has a PhD in Physics, with a minor in Geology. His PhD thesis was on isotope ratios in meteorites, including surface exposure dating. He was employed at Caltech’s Division of … more

  • Reading Between the Fossil Lines

    by Gleason L. Archer

    One of the most frequently argued objections to the trustworthiness of Scripture is found in the apparent discrepancy between the account of creation given in Genesis 1 and the … more

  • Scriptures Related To Creation

    Compiled by Dr. Hugh Ross

    Scriptures expressing that God is the Creator

    Genesis 1:1

    Genesis 22:17

    Nehemiah 9:6

    Job 9:3-12

    Psalm 8

    Psalm 24:1-2

    Psalm 33:6-9

    Psalm 65:5-13

    Psalm … more

  • Facing Up to Big Bang Challenges

    What danger lurks in associating big bang cosmology with biblical cosmology? Most Christian physicists, astronomers, and other scientists would say, “None.” Many Christian philosophers, … more

  • Four Views of the Biblical Creation Account

    Compiled by Reasons To Believe

    The following information comes from the "Report of the Creation Study Committee" posted on PCANEWS.COM, the Web Magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), … more

  • Report of the Creation Study Committee

    by the Administrative Committee, Presbyterian Church in America

    Administrative Committee Presbyterian Church in America 1852 Century Place, Suite 190 Atlanta, GA 30345 404-320-3366 (Office) … more

  • Word Studies in Genesis One

    Genesis One

    1. In the beginning God1 created2 the heavens5 and the earth20. 2. Now the earth2O was formless and empty7, darkness was over the surface of the deep8, and the Spirit9 of God1 was … more

  • Avoiding a Dangerous Trap

    Have you ever wondered why most Christian astronomers reject a young-universe interpretation of Genesis? The answer has to do with Scripture and theology, as well as with science. In my book … more

  • Responses to Young Universe "Answers"

    Those who hold the young universe view have offered the following statements to answer questions about this theory. After each statement is a response.

    Statement 1: The astronomical distances may not … more

  • Star Light & the Age of the Universe

    by Greg Koukl President, Stand To Reason

    When you look up into the midnight sky do you see stars? Or are the lights in the heavens mere appearances, images created in transit? The answer settles the … more

  • New Astronomical Proofs for the Existence of God

    "It really does matter, and matters very much, how we think about the cosmos," declares historian and college president Dr. George Roche. Immanual Kant, for example, posited an infinitely old and … more

  • The Dynamics of Dating


    by Dr. Roger C. Wiens

    Bewildered, Janet watches her son gaze in awe at the dinosaur exhibit. A sign tells her that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is millions of years old. But last Sunday, her … more