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Biblical Evidence for an Old Earth

  • Cosmic Creation Model and the First Stars

    In attempting to achieve a comprehensive validation of the biblically predicted big bang creation model1the greatest challenge for astronomers has been assembling a detailed history for the formation … more

  • Most Accurate Distances Shore Up Creation History

    Opponents of big bang cosmology, both atheists and young-earth creationists, frequently attempt to push aside very compelling and overwhelming physical evidence in favor of this biblically predicted … more

  • White Dwarfs Deliver Better Creation History

    A window that enables astronomers to rigorously test the biblically predicted big bang creation model. 1Thanks to a new set of measurements on burnt out stars—known as white dwarfs—that … more

  • Old-Earth Creationism: A Heretical Belief?

    Ken Ham is an ardent young-earth creationist. As president of Answers in Genesis, he generates a steady stream of articles critiquing the old-earth view. Although I disagree with most of his … more

  • A New Kind of Star Solves an Old Problem

    The same is true for astronomers. Only rarely do they discover a new kind of star that is unlike any they have seen before. When they do make such a discovery, however, it typically reveals new … more

  • Does Old-Earth Creationism Contradict Genesis 1?

    Introduction and BackgroundAn article by Dr. Terry Mortenson -- "Evolution vs. Creation: the Order of Events Matters" -- claims long creation days only seem reasonable to those who pay insufficient … more

  • More Observational Evidence for Kuiper Belt

    TNRTB Archive - Retained for reference information

    New observations of the outer solar system strengthen support for the Kuiper Belt, a feature consistent with RTB’s cosmic creation model. This … more

  • Continuous Cosmic Expansion

    Some promote an infinitely (or near infinitely) old universe to avoid a creation event in the relatively recent (roughly 14-billion-year) past. So, they argue that the universe is static or … more

  • Deep Core Tests for the Age of the Earth

    In recent months, new evidence has emerged that may be simple enough for everyone to understand, regardless of science background-as simple as counting tree rings.

    Scientists are learning much about … more

  • Examining Mark 10:6

    Posted in the Seattle Area Chapter - News and Views

    In Mark 10:6, Jesus quotes Genesis 1:27: “From the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’” Many … more

  • Creation Passages in the Bible


    Genesis 1-11 Genesis 14:19-22 Genesis 15:5 Genesis 22:17 Genesis 32:12 Exodus 7:18 Exodus 8:13 Exodus 10:17 Exodus 20:8-11 Exodus 31:14-17 Exodus 35:2 Leviticus 23:3 … more

  • Noah’s Flood: A Bird’s-Eye View

    by Steve Sarigianis

    Ms. Johnson smiles and settles her class for the week’s lesson. She opens the Bible on her lap and begins to read the story of Noah's flood. Her first-graders sit … more

  • Predictive Power: Confirming Cosmic Creation

    Scientists focus enormous effort on turning detections (observations and measurements) into predictions. Meteorologists use data to predict temperatures, wind, and precipitation. Astronomers use data … more

  • "The Age of Earth"

    by Dr. J. P. Moreland

    Used with permission.

    This topic was addressed by Dr. Moreland during a lecture at Northshore Church in Everett, Washington on February 2, 2002.

    Now we know beyond … more