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Bible Difficulties

  • Responding to a Skeptic

    Are Bad Designs a Problem for the Case for Intelligent Design?

    The Q&A sessions during our speaking events are usually filled with high drama. This is the time when skeptics can come to the … more

  • Archeology Affirms Existence of Edom

    2 Samuel 8:13-14 (NASB)

    The Bible contains records of the checkered history of Edom–the land where the descendants of Esau lived (now southern Jordan). During the Israelites’ exodus from … more

  • How Come the Bible Doesn’t Condemn Slavery?

    Since slavery is today considered a great moral evil, some wonder why the Bible doesn’t categorically condemn the practice. Critics even insist that the Bible (both Old and New Testaments) … more

  • Hope I Die When I'm Really Old

    New Discovery Make Sense of Long Life Spans in Genesis 5 and 11

    The other day I was shopping in the used CD section of my favorite local independent record store and I came across a compendium of … more

  • Is Sexual Orientation Biological?

    A recent study, "Gay Men, Straight Women Have Similar Brains," seems to provide evidence for a biological basis for homosexuality. Researchers found that gay men and straight women share similar brain … more

  • Animal Sacrifices

    Recently someone asked me a question concerning animal sacrifices in the Bible. Her specific question was: “Why did God allow man to use animals for sacrifice? Doesn’t he care about the … more

  • Does the Bible promote fascism?

    A caller on a recent broadcast of the Michael Medved Show said that the Bible advocated fascism. He argued that the Old Testament called for an absolute theocracy administered by kings, and that such … more

  • Does the Bible Condone Slavery?

    Slavery is defined as the state of involuntary (forced) servitude. This practice was an entrenched institution in much of the ancient world. Since slavery is today considered a great moral evil, some … more