Reasons to Believe

Bad Designs?

  • Pseudogene has function

    PNAS, "The former annotated human pseudogene" Aug 26, 2011; more

  • 25 Years, 25 Reasons to Believe - Fazale Rana

    Fuz Rana’s Top Five Reasons

    1. “Bad designs” turn out to be good. Biological systems that seem poorly designed present a significant challenge to the case for design. Why would an … more

  • Missing DNA Helps Make Us Human

    Science Daily, "Missing DNA Helps Make Us Human," Mar 09, 2011; more

  • Design with a Purpose

    My back hurts this morning—another unwanted sign that my 50th birthday is rapidly approaching. And my eyesight—where are those reading glasses?

    The human body is an amazing thing but, as … more

  • Pseudogene Decoy Reveals Hidden Evidence for Design

    Do you remember the movie Dave?

    In this romantic comedy, the president of the United States suffers a stroke while having an extramarital affair and is in a coma. The chief of staff cooks up a scheme … more

  • Evidence for God’s Grace in Epilepsy Genes

    The old cliché “two wrongs don’t make a right” proves true in many situations, but in the genetics of the brain, two genetic wrongs can make a right. A few years ago, I … more

  • Viruses and God's Providence Revisited

    New Research Suggests More Reasons Why God Created Viruses

    Thanksgiving is the time of year that most people pause to celebrate their blessings. Christians understand that many of the good things … more

  • Viruses and God's Providence

    New Research Suggests a Reason Why God Created Viruses

    As I mentioned last week, the Q&A sessions of our outreach events are usually pretty exciting. During this part of the program, it's not … more

  • Responding to a Skeptic

    Are Bad Designs a Problem for the Case for Intelligent Design?

    The Q&A sessions during our speaking events are usually filled with high drama. This is the time when skeptics can come to the … more

  • The Human Appendix: What Is It Good For?

    Absolutely nothing! That’s the answer soul singer Edwin Starr gave in 1970 to the question, “War, what is it good for?” It’s also the same response evolutionary biologists give … more

  • Humpback Whale Fins: Fresh Evidence for Design

        I remember being taught as a child that the humpback whale must be an accident of nature. The weird bumps along the leading edge of the humpback’s flippers (or fins) seemed to … more

  • A Couple of Tasty Morsels

    A sampling of new research uncovers more function for junk DNA, undermines one of the best arguments for biological evolution

    My wife enjoys shopping at large club stores. I, however, don’t … more