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Adam and Eve

  • A Fashionable Find

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. What about necklace beads made from seashells? A study conducted by anthropologists indicates that seashell beads were the rage near the time modern humans … more

  • Scriptures Related To Creation

    Compiled by Dr. Hugh Ross

    Scriptures expressing that God is the Creator

    Genesis 1:1

    Genesis 22:17

    Nehemiah 9:6

    Job 9:3-12

    Psalm 8

    Psalm 24:1-2

    Psalm 33:6-9

    Psalm 65:5-13

    Psalm … more

  • Why Shorter Life Spans?

    None of the explanations offered in the accompanying article imply that God randomly selected the life span of early humans or that He simply reacted to natural disasters in shortening human life. … more

  • Four Views of the Biblical Creation Account

    Compiled by Reasons To Believe

    The following information comes from the "Report of the Creation Study Committee" posted on PCANEWS.COM, the Web Magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), … more

  • Word Studies in Genesis One

    Genesis One

    1. In the beginning God1 created2 the heavens5 and the earth20. 2. Now the earth2O was formless and empty7, darkness was over the surface of the deep8, and the Spirit9 of God1 was … more

  • The Great Divide of Peleg's Time

    In the genealogy of Noah's son Shem, we see the name Peleg and along with it a brief note that "in his time the earth was divided."(1) I've linked this statement with the break up of the warm land … more

  • Eve's Secret to Growing Younger

    by Dr. Hugh Ross and Sam Conner

    A new discovery about a genetic phenomenon called "heteroplasmy" revises the date for our oldest female ancestor, Eve.(1) Previous research on mitochondrial DNA (the … more

  • Y-Chromosome Reveals Evolutionary Limits

    Y-chromosome studies have just answered a long-standing anthropological question: Are modern Japanese people descended from the Jomon or from the Yayoi people?1 The Jomon migrated to Japan from the … more

  • The Broken Tie that Binds

    According to Genesis, the human race both before and after the Flood ignored God's direct command to spread out and fill the earth.1, 2 Despite God's warnings about the seriousness of disobedience, … more

  • Chromosome Study Stuns Evolutionists

    A new study by evolutionary biologists Robert Dorit (Yale), Hiroshi Akashi (University of Chicago), and Walter Gilbert (Harvard) flies in the face of prevailing origin-of-man scenarios. l-2 In an … more

  • Finding a Wife for Cain

    The problem is actually more serious yet. According to Genesis 4, Cain not only found a wife, but by the time of the birth of his son Enoch, he found enough people to help him build and populate a … more