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Shooting stars are actually small objects, such as comets and asteroids, that burn up in Earth's atmosphere. Some of the larger ones hit our planet's surface. These impacts occurred frequently as the solar system formed, bringing the Earth the just-right quantity of water it needs to support life—another evidence of the Creator's fine-tuning for our benefit.

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When humans first appeared, the world saw an explosive emergence of sophisticated behavior, including artistic expression. Paintings in the caves of France and Spain dramatically exemplify this sociocultural big bang. If we are made in God's image, then the archaeological record would be expected to show the sudden appearance of sophisticated activity associated exclusively with humans.

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Solar flares often hurl masses of charged particles toward Earth, but the planet's persistent magnetic field channels these particles toward the sparsely inhabited poles where they produce spectacular displays of color as they hit the Earth's atmosphere. Our just-right magnetic field protects the planet's teeming life-forms in this and many other ways, even as it reveals God's beauty.

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The 350-foot-tall redwoods of the northern California coast are the tallest trees that the laws of physics permit. The redwoods' great height provides an effective barrier to fog banks coming in from the Pacific Ocean and allows the northern California forest lands to capture much more moisture than they otherwise would. Thus, all forest life benefits from God's design of these tall trees.

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Abstract, nonempirical entities such as mathematical equations eloquently match and explain the very nature of the physical universe itself, as seen in the structure of this chambered nautilus. The Christian worldview affirms God as the source and cause of both the physical and conceptual realms of reality.

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Nanotechnologists want to build computers centered on DNA. This endeavor is possible because of the striking similarity between the architecture and metabolism of DNA and the conceptual operations that undergird computer systems. The analogy between human designs and biochemical systems logically compels the conclusion that life stems from the work of a divine Mind.

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Increasingly, engineers are turning to biological systems to derive insight needed to develop new technologies. The "poster child" for nature-inspired designs is the gecko's foot, which is inspiring new types of adhesives. Is it reasonable to think that the elegant designs in nature arose via undirected evolutionary processes given that they inspire brilliant designers?

Free resource: "How to Get a Grip and Not Get Stuck: A Gecko's Story"

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Kilauea Volcano produces rivers of molten rock that originate deep underground. Plate tectonic activity, which includes volcanic eruptions, is the means God used to build continents, recycle nutrients, and maintain a stable water cycle—all of these features finely tuned to support life.

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Galaxy interactions such as this one between the Mice Galaxies are common in the universe. If our galaxy had undergone such a close encounter with another large galaxy, we would not be here. Yet the Milky Way needed to absorb multiple small dwarf galaxies (and only small ones) to maintain its life-essential spiral structure. Such exquisite fine-tuning suggests the galaxy reflects a Creator's hand.

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Researchers recently began using the HIV virus to help in curing two severe diseases—adrenoleukodystrophy (the disease in the film Lorenzo's Oil) and beta-thalassemia (a potentially life-threatening type of anemia). Viruses can also destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria. As scientific knowledge progresses, we see how viruses can actually serve a good purpose.

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Thermophiles are bacteria that thrive at temperatures between 120 and 160 °F—far above what most creatures prefer. They are most familiar from the steaming pools of water they render into bright colors in Yellowstone National Park. God's passion for filling the earth with unique creations is aptly demonstrated by thermophiles and other extremophiles.

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A large solar flare (the white region in the upper-left) erupted from the Sun's surface in August 2010. Eight Earths would fit across the flaring region. And yet the enormous power generated by the Sun does not destroy us. God designed and timed our solar system's development to provide a remarkably stable source of heat and light for life on Earth.

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January 2013

Discovery of the ancient ruins of 60 villages along the shoreline of the Persian Gulf provides evidence for a lost civilization in the "Gulf Oasis," a landmass that existed (during the last ice age) in what is now the Persian Gulf. The Gulf Oasis is the only location on the planet where the four rivers of Eden could come together.

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