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Reasons to Believe's 30th Anniversary

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“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.” (1 Peter 3:15–16, NIV)

Through God’s abundant grace and the support of many faithful friends, RTB has experienced one breakthrough after another in the last 30 years. Each new step, whether big or small, has allowed RTB scholars to provide—both to you and through you—compelling evidences for Christ as Creator and Savior. Countless people who had lost hope or given up trying to connect science and their faith are now joyfully worshiping Him.

Rejoice with us today as we reflect on the past 30 years and eagerly anticipate what God will do next! God still has extraordinary things prepared in advance for us to do!



  • 1986 — Reasons to Believe (RTB) launches in a rented room at the back of Sierra Madre Congregational Church.


  • 1989 — The Fingerprint of God, Hugh’s first book, is published.


  • 1990 — RTB chapters spontaneously spring up and spread across the U.S., Canada, and beyond. (As of 2016, RTB has 53 chapters that continue to impact their communities.)


  • 1992 — RTB moves to offices in a strip mall in Glendora, CA.


  • 1993 — NavPress publishes The Creator and the Cosmos; the Reasons to Believe television show produced by TBN wins its first Angel Award.


  • 1995 — RTB becomes one of the first ministries to use the Internet for outreach and equipping.


  • 1996 — RTB’s relationship with NavPress continues, resulting in the publication of 8 new books, including Beyond the Cosmos, Origins of Life, and A World of Difference.


  • 1997 — Kenneth Samples comes to RTB, and the dream of a scholar team begins to unfold.

  • 1997 — Journey Toward Creation filming is completed. (This video has been updated and translated into 11 languages.)


  • 1999 — Fazale Rana joins the scholar team; RTB launches Facts for Faith magazine, which continues through 2002.


  • 2000 — RTB experiments briefly with radio broadcasting and hosts its first apologetics training conference.

  • 2000 — Message of the Month partnership launches.


  • 2001 — Creation Update webcast begins.


  • 2003 — Reasons Institute, an accredited online training program, launches.


  • 2005 — Jeff Zweerink joins the scholar team; RTB’s Willow Creek Cosmic Fingerprints conference draws more than 3,000 and becomes a video resource.


  • 2006 — Reasons Academy begins, offering science-faith curriculum for grades K–12.


  • 2007 — Dave Rogstad transitions from administrative leadership to join the scholar team.

  • 2007 — RTB participates in a homeschool convention for the first time.


  • 2008 — Baker Books releases Why the Universe Is the Way It Is and contracts with RTB for Creating Life in the Lab, More than a Theory, 7 Truths that Changed the World, and Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job.


  • 2009 — RTB scholars added to the faculty of Biola, A.W. Tozer Seminary, and Southern Evangelical Seminary, allowing RTB’s influence to reach many more pastors and future leaders.


  • 2010 — Visiting Scholar Program is inaugurated, welcoming the first of more than a dozen scholars to date, contributors to RTB’s podcasts, YouTube channel, and scholar blogs.


  • 2011 —, our fully renovated website, goes live.


  • 2012 — 40+ chapter leaders from across North America come together for a Chapter Summit.

  • 2012 — Hugh Ross receives the Trotter Prize from Texas A&M.


  • 2013 — RTB establishes “base camp” in Covina, CA, with room for staff and media production.

  • 2013 — RTB’s relationship with Baker Books continues, resulting in the publication of Improbable Planet (Fall 2016) and God among Sages (Spring 2017).


  • 2014 — Our own publishing arm, RTB Press, officially launches with the release of Kenneth Samples’ Christian Endgame.


  • 2015 — AMP 2015, RTB’s first national conference in 15 years, brings together multiple churches and ministries, including Ravi Zacharias International Ministries; The Lab, RTB’s intensive training and mentoring program for future scientists launches.

  • 2015 — Hugh receives the lifetime achievement award at National Conference on Christian Apologetics.


  • 2016 — Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts joins the scholar team; Regent University invites partnership.

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