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    2016 November/December

    A Challenge to Put God First by Anjeanette Roberts
    Why We Are So Thankful for YOU by Hugh Ross
    RTB at 30: The Rise of RTB's Video Production by Krista Bontrager


    2016 September/October

    How Improbable Is Our Planet? by Hugh Ross
    Lightbulb Moments at The Lab 2016 by Katie Galloway
    RTB at 30: How the Podcasts Evolved by Joe Aguirre


    2016 July/August

    Did the Universe Have a Beginning? by Jeff Zweerink
    Which Animals Rode on the Ark? by Hugh Ross
    RTB at 30: Online Courses Train Apologists by Krista Bontrager


    2016 May/June

    What Dinosaur Soft Tissue Says about the Earth's Age by Fazale Rana
    Emboldening Future Scientists by Katie Galloway
    RTB at 30: Chapters Open Doors for Ministry by Kathy Ross


    2016 March/April

    Building an Onramp to the Resurrection by Hugh Ross
    More Than Chocolate Bunnies by Anjeanette Roberts
    RTB at 30: The Book That Started It All by Maureen Moser


    2016 January/February

    Looking Back on Christian Apologetics by Kenneth Samples
    Conquering Wrong Fear by Sarah Sumner
    RTB at 30: Remembering God's Faithfulness by Maureen Moser



    2015 November/December

    Daniel: A Christmas Hero by Hugh Ross
    AMP 2016: Wisdom in Evangelism by Sarah Chan
    Report from The Lab 2015 by Sarah Kielsmeier


    2015 September/October

    From "Trousered Apes" to God's Image Bearers by Anjeanette Roberts
    Digging into God's Amazing Dinosaurs by Maureen Moser


    2015 July/August

    Teach Us to Number Our Days by Krista Bontrager
    Open Hearts Under Open Skies by Maureen Moser


    2015 May/June

    Don't Avoid the "E-Word" by Jeff Zweerink
    Nurturing the Life of the Mind in Our Children by Kenneth Samples
    Dive into the Water of Life by Maureen Moser


    2015 March/April

    Life from Death by Fazale Rana
    Creation Reveals God's Character by Hugh Ross
    Stop and Smell the Primroses by Maureen Moser


    2015 January/February

    Ants: Amazing Agents of Change by Hugh Ross
    Truth Is More Than a Feeling by Abdu Murray
    Exploring God's World by Maureen Moser



    2014 November/December

    Restless Longing Fulfilled by Kenneth Samples
    Putting Creation to the Test by Fazale Rana


    2014 September/October

    Have Message, Will Travel by Joe Aguirre
    Going for Global Impact by Kathy Ross
    Truth Seekers: Parent Preparedness by Krista Bontrager


    2014 July/August

    Family, Faith, and Apologetics by Jeff Zweerink
    How to Evaluate an Abductive Argument by Kenneth Samples
    Truth Seekers: Engaging Teens in Apologetics by Krista Bontrager
    A Warm Reception in the Homeschooling Community by Anastasia Young


    2014 May/June

    A Life-Changing Conversation by Kathy Ross
    Encountering the Fossils of the Burgess Shale by Fazale Rana
    Truth Seekers: Becoming the Solution by Krista Bontrager


    2014 March/April

    Why Build an Ark? by Hugh Ross
    Who Was the Real Jesus? by Kenneth Samples
    Truth Seekers: Reaching the Next Generation for Christ by
     Krista Bontrager


    2014 January/February

    Nature-Inspired Camera Brings Design into Focus by Fazale Rana



    2013 November/December

    "PEACE ON EARTH" through Peacemaking by Hugh Ross
    Take Courage and Fear Not by Jeff Zweerink
    Always Be Ready, Part Five by Katie Galloway


    2013 September/October

    Where Did the Races Come From? by Fazale Rana
    What Is a "Good Death"? by Kenneth Samples
    Always Be Ready, Part Four by Hugh Ross


    2013 July/August

    The Dazzling Perseids, Creation's Summer Blockbuster by Hugh Ross
    Always Be Ready, Part Three by Hugh Ross
    Did Humans and Neanderthals Interbreed? by Fazale Rana


    2013 May/June

    The Solar System Declares God's Glory by Jeff Zweerink
    Always Be Ready, Part Two by Hugh Ross
    Psalm 104: A Poetic View of Creation by Krista Bontrager


    2013 March/April

    Five Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection by Kenneth Samples
    The Explosive Appearance of Skeletal Design by Fazale Rana
    Always Be Ready, Part One by Hugh Ross


    2013 January/February

    ENCODE Junks Evolutionary Concept by Fazale Rana
    The Impact of Public Christian Thinkers by Kenneth Samples
    Cambrian Explosion Bring Burst of Evidence for Creation by Hugh Ross



    2012 November/December

    A Reason We "Otter" Give Thanks by Hugh Ross
    A Clearer Picture of the Christmas Story by Sandra Dimas and
    Krista Bontrager

    2012 September/October

    New from RTB - Impact Events: The Earth by Jeff Zweerink and
    Ken Hultgren
    Five Tips for Lifelong Learning by Kenneth Samples
    Continuing Education Units - Our New Partnership with ACSI by
    Krista Bontrager

    2012 July/August

    Making Sense of the Red Deer Cave Discovery by Fazale Rana
    Climate Change: Sense and Sensibility by Kevin Birdwell

    2012 May/June

    The Compatibility of Faith and Reasons by Kenneth Samples
    Optical Illusion Exposes Reality of Design by Fazale Rana
    Partners in Ministry - Dr. Hugh Henry and Daniel Dyke by
    Maureen Moser

    2012 March/April

    Bringing Together God's Two Books by Hugh Ross
    Animal Death and the Atonement by Krista Bontrager

    2012 January/February

    Knowing the Basics - RTB 101 by Jeff Zweerink
    Ancient Creepy Crawlers Support Creation Model by Fazale Rana


    2011 November/December

    A Fresh Perspective on an Ancient Book by Hugh Ross
    Reviewing the Star of Bethlehem by Jeff Zweerink
    25 Years, 25 Reasons to Believe by Patricia Fanning

    2011 September/October

    Real Life "Atlantis" Lends Genesis Support by Hugh Ross
    The Exceptional Human Brain by Patricia Fanning
    25 Years, 25 Reasons to Believe by Kenneth Samples 

    2011 July/August

    Avoiding Crackpot Archaeology by Krista Bontrager
    Don't Forget to Pack Some SPF and RTB! by Sandra Dimas
    25 Years, 25 Reasons to Believe by Fazale Rana 

    2011 May/June

    One Little Gene by Patricia Fanning
    Responding to Theistic Evolution by Maureen Moser
    25 Years, 25 Reasons to Believe by Dr. Hugh Ross 

    2011 March/April

    Chapters Get Creative in Outreach by Kathy Ross
    Introducing Reason To Believe's Visiting Scholar Program by Fazale Rana
    25 Years, 25 Reasons to Believe by Jeff Zweerink 

    2011 January/February

    Where Will the Puck Be? Anticipating Apologetic Opportunities in 2011 by Fazale Rana
    RTB Then and Now: A Brief Retrospective by Hugh and Kathy Ross
    Elementary, My Dear Watson by Kenneth Richard Samples
    Apologist in Action 


    2010 November/December

    Thank God for Falling Leaves by Hugh Ross
    Why I'm Thankful for Earthquakes by Jeff Zweerink
    Thankful for God's Dual Revelation by Kenneth Richard Samples
    I'm Thankful for Sponges by Fazale Rana
    Apologist in Action

    2010 September/October

    Looking Back with Hugh: 25 Years of Reasons To Believe by Maureen Moser
    Setting the Stage for Creation by Fazale Rana
    Set Sail with Reasons to Believe! by Hannah Palpant

    2010 July/August

    Philosophizing with Ken by Maureen Moser
    Reasons Institute: World-Class Training in Christian Apologetics by Krista Kay Bontrager
    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of One-Liners by Diana Carrée

    2010 May/June

    An Ocean of Wonder by Hugh Ross
    Smokers Not Healthy for Life by Fazale Rana
    Balancing with Jeff by Maureen Moser

    2010 March/April

    Networking with Fuz by Maureen Moser
    DC Chapter Paves the Way for RTB Outreach by Sandra Dimas
    Chapters & Networks: God's Gift to RTB by Kathy Ross
    Apologist in Action

    2010 January/February

    Life in the Matrix: Addressing Multiverse Implications by Jeff Zweerink
    Spotlight on Fulfilled Prophecy by Hugh Ross
    How Can I Believe in a God I Can't See by Kenneth Samples
    Apologist in Action


    2009 November/December

    Breaking Through Barriers: an Interview with Leslie Wickman by Maureen Moser
    The Scientist or the Politician: Assessing Their Legacies by Kenneth Richard Samples

    2009 September/October

    A Case for Divine Design by Fazale Rana
    By Invitation Only by Hugh and Kenneth Richard Samples
    The Tricky Topic of Halloween by Kenneth Richard Samples

    2009 July/August

    The "E-Word": A Parent's Guide to Kids and Evolution by Krista Kay Bontrager
    What about the Dinosaurs? by Hugh Ross
    Remembering Apollo 11 by Dave Rogstad

    2009 May/June

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Response by Kenneth Richard Samples
    Only in the Movies: The Harsh Realities of Deep Space Travel by Hugh Ross
    Defusing the Antimatter Bomb by Jeff Zweerink

    2009 March/April

    Snowballs and Scripture: the Importance of Structural Integrity by Hugh Ross
    Wanted: Thinking Christians by Kenneth Richard Samples
    Addressing Resurrection Alternatives, Part 6 by Kenneth Richard Samples

    2009 January/February

    The Naturalist's Multiverse by Jeff Zweerink
    Average Joe's Guide to Apologetics by Joe Aguirre
    Addressing Resurrection Alternatives, Part 5 by Kenneth Richard Samples


    2008 November/December

    In the Divine Artist's Studio by Fazale Rana
    UFOs, IFOs, and Glowing Lights by Hugh Ross
    "Jesus, Our Emmanuel" by Kenneth Richard Samples

    2008 September/October

    Why A Decaying Universe? by Hugh Ross
    Personal Experience by Katie Galloway
    Addressing Resurrection Alternatives, Part 4 by Kenneth Richard Samples

    2008 July/August

    Moses, The Original Mythbuster by Krista Kay Bontrager
    Thoughts on the Big Bang by Dave Rogstad
    Addressing Resurrection Alternatives, Part 3 by Kenneth Richard Samples

    2008 June Special Edition

    The June 2008 Special Resource Edition of the Reasons Newsletter is not available online.

    2008 May/June

    A Burst of Creativity by Fazale Rana
    Reading the Outside of the Box by Greg Moore
    Addressing Resurrection Alternatives, Part 2 by Kenneth Richard Samples

    2008 March/April

   God of the Gaps by Kenneth Richard Samples