Reasons to Believe

Apologetics Community

Members of the RTB apologetics community play a vital part in RTB’s ministry on a grass roots level. By interacting with fellow members you can access ideas, inspiration, and support for your own local outreach endeavors as well as encourage others in theirs. This community represents an essential element in advancing the mission, message, and core values of Reasons To Believe.

As community members grow in their training (through Reasons Institute) and ministry experience, they can also become involved in such activities as:

  • answering apologetics questions via email and U.S. mail,
  • responding to apologetics questions by phone,
  • providing leadership and other assistance to RTB chapters,
  • staffing book tables when RTB scholars speak in their area,
  • writing book reviews and blogs,
  • generating interest in RTB activities and resources via social media,
  • preparing TNRTB articles,
  • and, most importantly, generating outreach activity in local church, school/college environments, and business/professional settings.

Membership Process

To become part in RTB’s Apologetics Community you’ll need to fulfill three requirements:

1. Complete coursework for the Basic Certificate in Science Apologetics through Reasons Institute:

These courses can either be taken at the Certificate level or for undergraduate or graduate college credit. Registration is accomplished online at the Reasons Institute website.

2. Read the Reasons To Believe Mission Statement, Core Values, and Statement of Faith. If these are consistent with your personal mission, values, and beliefs, check the appropriate box on this Introductory Questionnaire and submit a signed, dated copy to

  • Bob Stuart | Reasons To Believe | 818 S Oak Park Rd | Covina, CA 91724

3. Meet by phone with Bob Stuart for a brief interview.

Membership in the RTB Apologetics Community provides these additional benefits:

  • Discounts on RTB resources,
  • Interaction with RTB scholars in special apologetics discussion sessions each year, and
  • Participation on a secure web-based forum and news group for members only.

If you have questions or would like further information about any aspect of the RTB Apologetics Community, please contact our Volunteer Apologists Manager, Bob Stuart.